Inside the World's Weirdest Restaurants

March 18, 2016

From crazy concepts to incredible ideas, we look at eight of the world's weirdest restaurants that you'd be bonkers to miss out on.

Lady Gaga's outrageous meat dress took food presentation to new levels of weird at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but we reckon that these eight imaginative restaurants could give the singer a run for her money. From double trouble to tables suspended in mid-air, prepare for unusual surroundings, inspired cuisine, a few unexpected surprises and one hell of a unique dining experience. Genius or completely gaga? We'll let you decide.   

1. Dans Le Noir - London

People being led in Dans Le Noir in London

Credit: Dans Le Noir Facebook

Does sight affect taste? Dans Le Noir in Clerkenwell, London, explores this concept by sitting its diners in complete darkness for a sensory experience that claims to revolutionise your sense of taste and eliminate feelings of judgement. The restaurant places you in an open-minded atmosphere, removes your control and encourages you to trust the blind waiters who guide you through your gastronomic journey. It's an interesting concept which has seen similar restaurants open in other major cities throughout the world. It might not be to everyone's taste, but Dans Le Noir certainly gives a new meaning to a blind date.

2. Ithaa - The Maldives

Ithaa underwater restaurant in the Maldives

Credit: Ithaa Underwater Restaurant Facebook

We hope you like the colour blue because you're surrounded by it at Ithaa, the world's first all-glass undersea restaurant. Located at the breath-taking Conrad Maldives resort, this spectacular restaurant has been named among the most beautiful restaurants in the world with 180 degree views of the vibrant coral gardens and flurries of tropical fish that surround its glass. And the food isn't bad either. You can enjoy contemporary European cuisine across a six-course dinner or a four-course lunch menu. But as you'd expect, eating five metres below sea level comes at a price, and the Maldives isn't exactly the cheapest place in the world to go on holiday.

3. Cabbages & Condoms - Bangkok

Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok

Credit: Mark Pegrum / Flickr (CC)

Located near one of Bangkok's main business districts, Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) isn't your average restaurant. Its slogan is 'our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy' and aims to promote safe sex and birth control. And the design is just as unusual; you might think a decor made up of condoms from all around the world could put you off your food, and yet, visitors report that the result is actually very creative and surprisingly artistic. As for the quality of the food, C&C is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. There's no prize for guessing what replaces the traditional mint or chocolate accompaniment to your coffee. 

4. Heart Attack Grill - Las Vegas

A huge burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheese.

Only visit this place on an empty stomach. With healthy eating messages louder than ever, most brands today are finding ways to reduce the sugar and fat content in their products. Not so at Heart Attack Grill which features an Octuple Bypass Burger complete with a staggering eight beef patties and 40 slices of bacon. Restaurant 'patients' are each handed hospital-style gowns to wear before tucking into their huge portions of food, and waitresses, dressed as nurses, have been known to spank diners who can't finish their meals. Plus if you weigh in at over the 350lbs mark, you eat for free. Only in Vegas.

5. Modern Toilet - Taipei

Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan

Credit: Modern Toilet Facebook

Taiwan is no stranger to themed restaurants but Modern Toilet is totally loo-ney. Instead of glasses, beverages are served in small urinals and you can expect your food to come in miniature toilet bowls, bathtubs or sinks. Napkins are provided in the form of toilet paper on rolls attached to the wall and the food is sometimes even presented according to the restaurant's theme... The concept has proved surprisingly popular and you can now find several branches across Asia. Highly creative or weird and disgusting? You decide. 

6. Dinner in the Sky - Everywhere

Dinner in the sky at sunset


Most of us have been to a restaurant or bar with a spectacular view but Dinner in the Sky goes above and beyond (literally). Gone are the once needed walls, doors and windows of a fine dining restaurant. Simply take your seat, strap-in and wait to be lifted 100ft into the air by a crane for a one-of-a-kind meal. This unique concept allows for an ever changing location which has seen it tested in no less than 40 countries around the world. Seating up to 22 diners, the table is designed so two chefs can prepare food in front of your eyes. Probably not the best idea if you're terrified of heights.   

7. Twin Stars - Moscow

Twin Stars in Moscow food

Credit: Twin Stars Facebook

It usually takes a few drinks to start seeing double but you'll be questioning what you see from the get go at Twin Stars in Moscow. Inspired by a movie called Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, Twin Stars' owner only hires identical twins to work the bar, tables and kitchen. Each pair of staff are required to wear the same outfit and work together for the same customer or party. Double the service. 

8. Ninja - New York

Ninja New York restaurant

Credit: Ninja New York Facebook

Expect the unexpected at this high-end Japanese restaurant. Designed to resemble a mysterious ninja village, the interior is kitted out with contraptions that deceive the eye. Ninja servers appear out of thin air and are trained to provide entertainment to restaurant guests using magic, fire and knives. As well as its fantastic setup, the food receives extremely high praise. We recommend the signature dishes and the sushi. A visit to New York City's Ninja may prove to be the stealthiest meal you've ever had.

Ben Leach Ben's longest trip involved 15 months of backpacking around Australia and Southeast Asia, and now he shares his experiences with Travioor from London. Luckily, after spending so long staring at cheesy sunsets, drinking too much Goon and eating his weight in Pad Thai, he can still manage to put a few words together.