Drink, Dance and Party in London on New Year's Day 2017

November 30, 2016

Hair of the dog? From raves and clubs, to beer tents and a walking tour pub crawl, we take a look at five of the best places in London to enjoy a few drinks with friends on New Year's Day.

No work on Monday you say? No worries about a Monday morning hangover then! Sometimes you just don't want the party to end and it doesn't have to if you head to one of these five New Year's Day venues in London where you can party, drink, dance and repeat. 

Whether you decide to party right through Saturday night and into Sunday, or just feel like swapping the hype of New Year's Eve for a refreshing New Year's Day tipple, one of these five London venues might be the answer. Here's to the new year... and a sore head on Monday.

1. FUSE New Year's Day Rave Parts 1 and 2

FUSE New Year's Day DJ decks.

Venues: Village Underground, Shoreditch / The Mangle Warehouse, Hackney
Time: 1 p.m.  - 12 a.m / 11:30 p.m. - 6 a.m.

The daytime ravers will be pleased to here that FUSE will again hold their traditional New Year's Day rave at Village Underground in Shoreditch. With doors opening at 1 p.m., you can get started extra early or just party right through from the night before. Yet, that's only half the story; Part 2 of FUSE's New Year's Day rave can be found in South Hackney at The Mangle Warehouse (The Laundry) and runs until 6 a.m. FUSE resident Enzo Siragusa will be featuring at both venues and will play alongside international and up-and-coming acts at Village Underground, while a selection of FUSE residents join him at The Mangle. You have to be on the guestlist to attend Part 1, while Part 2 requires a ticket. If you can hack both events from start to finish, we salute you - that's some serious dedication.

Get on the guestlist for Part 1.
Get tickets to the Part 2 event here

2. The Bavarian Village

Bavarian Village during the night at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Photo credit: Fanatic Creative

Venue: Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park 
Time: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

It might be a little more family-friendly than your underground rave but if you're looking for a festive atmosphere and a place to drink with friends, the Bavarian Village at Winter Wonderland is the perfect venue. Rustic wooden chalets, Bavarian fare and a selection of beer gardens make it one of the hottest tickets in town during this time of year and as it's open on New Year's Day, you can expect a fair few people will be heading to Hyde Park for steins, bratwurst sausages and New Year's Day revelry. Got a group of friends joining you? You can book tables for up to 10 people for a set fee including a free meal and three drinks per person. If you're too hungover to drink, perhaps just go for the grub - that should sort you out.

Book a table at Bavarian Village here.

3. Trance Sanctuary NYD Classics

Trance Sanctuary New Year's Day Classics at Egg.

Venue: EGG London, near Kings Cross 
Time: 2 p.m. - 10 p.m.

It might not last as long as FUSE's two part raving marathon but there are still eight hours of madness to enjoy at Trance Sanctuary's NYD Classics party. For the third year running the event will be held at one of London's most established clubs - EGG London, where three floors and one of the capital's largest main dance floors make it an esteemed venue for any occasion. With trance classics in the garden, upfront trance out on the terrace and progressive classics in the loft, there are plenty of spaces to put those shuffling shoes to good use. Remaining tickets are expected to go quickly following the event's success over the last two years so snap yours up before they all go.

Find tickets to the EGG London event here

4. The Seven Noses of Soho NYD Pub Special

Nose on wall in Soho

Photo credit: © Karva Javi (Flickr Creative Commons)

Venue: Various, begins near Covent Garden tube station. 
Time:  1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Ever craved infinite wealth? According to myth, if you see all the 'Seven Noses of Soho' that's exactly what you'll get; not a bad way to start the new year. This walking tour, led by guide Peter Berthoud, will stop at four pubs between Covent Garden and Charing Cross. You'll hear all about the history of the area and wander past impressive architectural structures on your quest to seek the 'seven noses' around Soho and the secrets behind their creation. The tour is said to last for around three and a half hours and its unique appeal means we've also included the tour in our list of '8 Alternative Things to do in London on New Year's Day'. Although we'll admit it isn't your average pub crawl - it's still a pub crawl nonetheless.

Find tickets at around £26 for The Seven Noses here.  

5. Rekorderlig Cider Lodge

The Rekorderlig Winter Lodge at the Southbank Winter Festival supported by Natwest.

Photo credit: The Gaztronome

Venue: Southbank Winter Festival supported by NatWest
Time: From 1 p.m.

Another place to embrace the festive atmosphere, Southbank's Winter Festival (supported by NatWest) is full of gifts, treats and Christmas cheer. Better yet for those looking for a tipple, it's home to the Rekorderlig Cider Lodge - a Scandi-style two-floor pop-up venue that boasts a selection of Swedish food and cider cocktails beside crackling fire pits where visitors gather to keep warm. When nightfall sets in the colourful lights come alive making this Thames-side festival a beautifully enchanting attraction. Waterloo is the closest station and most attractions at the Southbank Winter Festival open from 1 p.m. If you thought cider was just for summer, not to worry - there's a hot cider cocktail with your name on it.

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