5 Things You Can Do On Your Own In... Copenhagen

May 20, 2016

Planning a trip to Copenhagen all on your lonesome? Here are five things you can do in this stylish Scandinavian city.

Charming, welcoming and just downright cool, Copenhagen is compact enough for a weekend away and enjoyable enough for a longer stay. It's also ideal to explore with a group or all on your own. 

With a top-notch museums, historical sites and stylish cafes to visit by day, and foodie rated restaurants and a buzzing bar scene by night, you'll not be stuck for things to do. From picturesque Rosenborg Castle to the bustling canal in Nyhavn, here's a lowdown of five things you can do alone in the Danish capital. 

1. The Round Tower

Exterior of the Round Tower in Copenhagen

This 17th century monument right in the centre of Copenhagen is one of the oldest observatories in Europe. With a reasonable entry price (25,00DKK or around £2.50 per adult) and a not too strenuous walk up via a spiralling ramp (though there is a short flight of stairs at the very top), it's well worth a quick stop here to check out some fantastic views of the city.

2. Nyhavn

Nyhavn Canal lined with boats and buildings

It's the picture of Copenhagen that most people are familiar with, and it doesn't disappoint in real life. With the canal lined with plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars, it's no surprise that it's a great place to hang out in the evening with friends. If you wander down alone during the day, it's also great to get a bite to eat and an Instagram-worthy pic. Just remember to wrap up; it gets a little breezy!

3. Amalienborg Palace

Guards Outside Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen

This palace complex is the winter residence of the Danish royal family, so only one of the four identical buildings is open to the public, making for a nice leisurely visit when you don't want to spend ages wandering around alone. If you're lucky and have had a look at the timetable in advance, you'll also catch the changing of the guards, which takes place every day around noon. 

4. Rosenborg Castle

Gardens and Exterior of Rosenborg Castle

Close to the centre of Copenhagen, this renaissance castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens, and houses many historic artefacts throughout, not to mention the Danish Crown Jewels. There's also a lovely little café to stop in if you need a break from all the sightseeing.

5. Christianshavn

Christianshavn Boats and Harbour Front

More quiet and residential than Nyhavn, Christianshavn is a perfect place to relax if you have a couple of hours to spare. Only a short metro journey away from the city centre, a window seat in one of the cafés by the harbour is the ideal pit-stop to sit and watch the world go by.

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Olivia Paige A university graduate hailing from Nottingham, Olivia loves all things travel related. When she's not busy planning her next trip away, she spends her time writing, watching horror films and wishing she had a pet dog.