5 Thrill-Seeking Adventures in Bournemouth

May 24, 2016

Are you more thrill-seeker than sun-seeker? Here are five things adventure-lovers need to experience in Bournemouth.

Miles of beautiful coastline and covetable beaches make the seaside town of Bournemouth a very popular choice for Brits and tourists alike, especially when the sun comes out to play. If you find yourself yawning at the prospect of spending the day idle on the beach then worry not, Bournemouth is also home to some thrilling activities that are bound to keep you on your toes.

1. Zip, zip and away

Woman on a Zipwire

For a more enviable view of the beach from way up high you can try out the world’s first pier to shore zip wire experience. The launch tower for PIERZIP Bournemouth is situated high above sea level, so it offers an adrenaline-charged and super-speedy ride over the sea and down to the beach. It even has a dual line so you can share the experience with a friend or better yet just race them down to the beach.

2. Rock on

Boulder Displays on Boscombe Beach

Check out the impressive display of boulders on Boscombe Beach that have even been shaped to look like local landmarks such as Agglestone Rock and Durdle Door. Here you can try out some bouldering challenges with different routes to climb up, down and across; great fun for budding climbers looking for some practice or even if you’ve never tried climbing before. And, best of all, its completely free! There are staff-led sessions available if you fancy a bit of tuition before your first attempt.

3. Hit the slopes (or the bar)

Enjoy skiing and drinks at Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre near Bournemouth

Less that 10 minutes drive away from Bournemouth Airport you will find Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre. With activities suitable for all abilities; from the seasoned skier looking to brush up their skills to the absolute novice dragged reluctantly along by their friends. All in all it is bound to be a great afternoon out and hey, if it all gets too much, just chill out in the Alpine Bar to enjoy the scenery and watch people stumbling on the slopes instead.

4. Surf’s Up

A Lone Surfer Walks Along the Beach

So you like to spend most of your time frolicking in the waves rather than lying on the beach? Well, make sure you lead all your sun-worshiping friends to just the right spot on the beach, say five minutes walk West from Boscombe Pier. Surf Steps, Bournemouth Surf School, is open all year round and has accredited surf and SUP instructors. While said friends are topping up their tans, (or cursing because the sun just disappeared behind a cloud) you can learn some new surf skills or balance gracefully on a stand up paddleboard.

5. On yer bike!

The Bournemouth to Brockenhurst Loop cycle route offers great views

If you consider yourself an avid cyclist and are feeling particularly energetic, try out the adventurous Bournemouth to Brockenhurst Loop cycle route. This can take around four hours so it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. Nevertheless, the views make it well worth it; admire the Dorset and Hampshire coast and cycle through the New Forest before heading back to Bournemouth. Warning - it has lots of up-hill sections so if you were daydreaming about taking your feet off the pedals and gliding effortlessly downhill through the picturesque countryside then you need to wake up.

Marjun Ziarati Living out her travel fantasies via online scribbles and offline adventuring, Marjun indulges her wanderlust at every opportunity. Her trips involve seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and sharing tips from the local people she meets along the way.