6 of the World's Best Bungee Jumps

February 17, 2016

Read on as we take a look at 6 of the world's best bungee jumps from stunning locations across the globe, including a death-defying leap from Macau Tower.

The thrill-seekers of the world know that nothing gets the blood pumping like staring over the edge of a cliff, taking in the gorgeous view and bungee-jumping into the ravine below.

Read on as we take a look at 6 of the world's best bungee jumps from stunning locations across the globe, featuring death-defying leaps from the tip of China's Macau Tower to Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge.

1. Royal Gorge Bridge

Bungee Jump off Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado

America's Royal Gorge Bridge is the perfect spot for gutsy visitors looking for an unforgettable bungee jump, with the tourist attraction being one of the most visited in Colorado.

The 321 plunge into the valley below from the wooden floor of the bridge has to be seen to be believed and the site has been attracting the thrill-seekers for over 50 years.

Several world record attempts have been made and broken at this bungee jump site and Royal Gorge Bridge has been recognised as one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. As well as the 'classic' bungee jump, there's also a swing attraction holds up to three people and sees riders swooping at speeds of over 50mph.

2. Victoria Falls Bridge

Bungee Jump off Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls Bridge runs along a border and is unique in the way that it can be accessed from two different countries - Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Located next to the stunning Victoria Falls (which makes for a breathtaking backdrop) this bungee jump sees daredevils plunging 111m downwards, stopping just short at the Zambezi river rapids below. If you're nervous about jumping alone, the option of a tandem bungee is there for the taking.

You'll have approximately 4 seconds to take in the view as you fall, and the bridge cafe makes for a nice spot to take a seat and relive what you've just been brave enough to do.

3. Bloukrans Bridge

Bloukrans Bridge is the World's Highest Bungee Jump

The world's highest commercial bungee bridge, Bloukrans Bridge, offers guests a 215m bungee jump into the Bloukrans River valley.

Organisers Face Adrenaline boast a 'play, eat, sleep' policy, which involves the bungee jump itself accompanied by other local activities, a bridge restaurant (with a live TV feed of other bridge jumpers) and Tranquility Lodge, a relaxing getaway 15 minutes from the bungee site.

4. Europabrücke Bridge

Bungee Jump off the Europabrücke Bridge

Europabrücke Bridge is home to a mighty impressive 192m bungee jump, with the structure also spanning the Sill River between Austria and Italy.

The location of the bridge, south of Innsbruck, means that guests can take in a beautiful view of the Alps before plummeting downwards, reaching speeds of around 75mph during freefall. It takes just two seconds for visitors to reach 60mph.

We couldn't put together a list of the best bungee spots on the planet without including Europabrücke Bridge, especially when taking into consideration the unique surroundings.

5. Macau Tower

Bungee Jump off Macau Tower in China

China's Macau Tower bungee jump towers at around 233m in the air.

Jumpers leaping from the top of the iconic tower don't begin slowing down until they're 30m from the ground, just before being pinged straight back up into the air. Optional GoPro cameras can be attached to guests who are looking for a way to document the big day.

Unlike many of the other jumps listed in our summary, the Macau Tower bungee operates until 10pm between September to June, making for a particularly unique experience.

6. Nevis Highwire

Bungee Jump off Nevis Hirewire in New Zealand

If you're feeling brave in New Zealand we recommend you take a trip to the Nevis Highwire, a 134m bungee jump spot set above the winding Nevis River.

This is the highest tourist attraction of its type in the country and is also home to the world's biggest swing too. Groups brave enough to take on the bungee jump will be treated to a heart-stopping 8.5 seconds of freefall.

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