6 Smartphone Holiday Apps Everyone Should Download

February 17, 2016

Before you set off to jet off, you'll want your smartphone full to the brim with useful holiday apps that may come in handy during your time away.

Read on as we take a look at 6 smartphone holiday apps that every holiday-goer should download onto their Android and iOS smartphone, including the likes of city guide Foursquare and offline maps tool MAPS.ME. We've done the research so you can do the downloading.

1. Google Translate

Google Translate Helps You Translate Other Languages

It sounds obvious and you may very well have Google Translate already, but if not it's a no-brainer to install it before venturing out of the UK. Google Translate is free to download for Android and iOS devices and seems to get increasingly clever following each update. Our favourite feature uses the smartphone's camera. Point your gadget at a sign written in a foreign language and the app will transform the text to English right in front of your very eyes. Pretty nifty, eh?

2. Foursquare

Young Man Walking Through a City Abroad using his Phone

Foursquare is the perfect app for getting a sense of the best places to eat in any city you've never explored before. The app is divided into a number of sections that users can explore to find the best hotspots for tourists, top ways to get around, the best views in the area and more. There's a social element to the app too, if you're the sort to share each and every second of your holiday with your jealous friends on Facebook or Twitter. 'Checking in' to certain locations will unlock badges and achievements which rewards users for getting off their backside. On top of that, there's a thriving Foursquare community which means other users have left their own tips on what to do.


MAPS.ME Lets You Download Maps for Offline Use

Not everybody will have the luxury of unlimited data when they're abroad, which is why MAPS.ME has made its way to our list of holiday must-haves.

This handy app allows users to download maps to view at a later date without the need of an internet connection, which (hopefully) means the end of being stranded in the middle of nowhere without any means of planning an escape. 

Users can mark their 'favourite' locations or travel destinations on the map, and MAPS.ME will make sure to automatically adjust itself as you're walking. It's not a case of saving still pictures of maps to your smartphone, it's more intelligent than that.

4. Skyscanner

Find Cheap Flight Deals on the Skyscanner App

If you're looking to book a flight on your mobile and browse the latest, cheapest deals Skyscanner is invaluable.

Skyscanner allows Android and iOS owners to track flight prices in real time, with the app also coming equipped with filters based on price, cabin class, airline and take-off / landing times.

One of the most useful tools associated with Skyscanner is its price checker. It's possible to track the changing price of a certain flight over days or weeks, which gives you a good indication of how the price will vary in the future.

The app is available in over 30 languages, boasts its own Android widget and includes prices for both high-end company's and budget airlines.

5. TripIt

TripIt Travel Organizer Helps You Manage your Holiday Bookings

TripIt Travel Organizer helps you stay organised abroad, managing a whole host of tasks related to your airline, car rental, restaurant reservations and more.

Ultimately, TripIt is a holiday itinerary management tool, and it's a very good one at that. Users can manage holiday plans using the built in Google Calendar client and can also access directions to and from important locations.

You can pick up an ad-free version of TripIt for 64p, but you'll more than likely be perfectly happy with the free version.

6. Tip like a local

Tip Like a Local Gives you Local Knowledge on What to Tip Where

If you're a regular overseas traveller then you may have found yourself in the sticky situation of not knowing how much money to tip whilst abroad. Thankfully, Tip like a local is here to sort out the confusion.

Tip right, don't be tight

Tip like a local is able to split checks between groups and can calculate tips excluding sales tax. The app calculates correct tips from over 70 countries. Basically, this'll stop you looking like a stingy bugger in another country, preventing the risk of not leaving enough dosh and offending the locals. You wouldn't want that now, would you?

Ben Leach Ben's longest trip involved 15 months of backpacking around Australia and Southeast Asia, and now he shares his experiences with Travioor from London. Luckily, after spending so long staring at cheesy sunsets, drinking too much Goon and eating his weight in Pad Thai, he can still manage to put a few words together.