8 of the Coolest Zip Lines in the World

November 7, 2016

Like getting a thrill when you visit somewhere new? We've got just the thing for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. Read on for our pick of eight of the coolest zip lines in the world.

There are plenty of ways to stay active and have fun whilst you're travelling; from climbing volcanoes to finding the best cycle routes, here at Travioor we've got your active adventures covered. If you're bored of long walks and tired of treks, we've got just the thing to help you get your adrenaline fix: zip lining.

A slightly different take on seeing the sights, zip lining takes you above the usual vantage points for that all-important adrenaline rush. That's not to say that there won't be the odd hike or two on your trip; to be able to zip line as far and as high as some of the places on our list, you've got to get there first. From long and meandering zips to some short and fast, there are plenty of options for your perfect zip line course. One thing is for sure though; if you're scared of heights this is probably one activity you should skip.

There are often height and weight restrictions on zip lines, along with exemptions for certain medical conditions. Check the official website before you travel to ensure you are not disappointed.

1. Dragon's Breath, Labadee

Dragon's Breath zipline, Labadee, Haiti.

Making a name for itself as the longest over-water zip line in the world, the Dragon's Breath zip line in Labadee, Haiti reaches speeds of up to 50 mph along its 2,600 ft run. As you zoom over golden beaches and the bright blue waters of Buccaneer's Bay, you'll find it hard to believe such a beautiful place exists.

The Dragon's Breath excursion costs around $100 per person and allows participants a test run on a smaller version of the zip line to learn the ropes, before heading up to Dragon's Breath in a jeep for the real thing. Labadee itself is a private resort leased to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., so if you're looking to do the Dragon's Breath zip line you'll have to take a Caribbean cruise. Many of Royal Caribbean's cruises to Labadee start in Miami, so stay in the YVE Hotel Miami which offers a shuttle service to the port.

2. Blue Streak, South Lake Tahoe

Blue Streak zip line, South Tahoe

Photo credit: Heavenly Mountain Resort

Providing stunning views of Lake Tahoe and the Heavenly Mountain Resort, the Blue Streak zip line reaches speeds of up to 50mph on its 3,300 ft long course. If you'd rather start small, the Hot Shot zip line is only 1,000 ft long and reaches top speeds of 40 mph, but we'd recommend just getting straight in there with Blue Streak. Take a gondola ride to the top whilst you admire the views, before zipping back past on the way down. Blue Streak allows two riders down on parallel lines, so grab a friend and have a race to the finish.

Book a stay in the Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa which sits on Tahoe's lakefront and provides the perfect place to relax after an adrenaline-fulled day at Heavenly.

3. MistRider, Niagara Falls

The Mistrider zip line, Niagara Falls.

Photo credit: WildPlay Element Parks

Niagara's MistRider is based on the Canada side of the falls, giving lucky thrillseekers a fantastic view on the way down. You can ride in groups of up to four people, so it's the perfect activity for grabbing your friends and heading down together.

Starting at 220 feet above ground, riders float 2,200 feet at over 40 mph along the edge of Niagara, finishing at the Falls observation landing. Whilst Niagara is probably best experienced by boat, this is definitely a venture that should not be missed. We recommend staying in Toronto and making the short drive to Niagara Falls. Alternatively, and if you've got cash to spare, stay in the Marriot Fallsview which offers a view of the falls from every room.

4. Mega Cavern, Louisville

Mega Cavern zip line, Louisville.

Photo credit: Louisville Mega Cavern

The Mega Cavern is the only zip line on the list (and one of the only ones in the world) located underground. There are six zip lines and two challenge bridges to make use of, including a dual racing zip so you can show your competitive side. Some zip lines are as high as 70 ft from the cavern floor, making use of the space created when the canvern was mined over 50 years ago.

With over 100 acres of space in the Mega Cavern, there are plenty of activities to pick from aside from the zip line course. Visitors can take a tram tour, test their abilities on the high ropes course or visit the nation's only underground bike park. If you want to explore Louisville longer, stay in the modern SpringHill Hotel in downtown. If you're just visiting for the cavern, stay close by in the Louisville Airport Hotel.

5. El Monstruo, Puerto Rico

The Monster zip line, Puerto Rico.

Photo credit: Toro Verde Adventure Park

Coming in at the Guinness World Record's Longest Zip Line in the World, El Monstruo is a must-do just for its length. Taking a different approach to most zip lines, adrenaline junkies lie down on their front Superman-style to complete the zip which spans over 7000 ft.

Flying participants over trees, mountains and rivers, El Monstruo ('the monster' or 'the beast') is helping turn Puerto Rico into a tourist destination and encouraging economical growth in the area. For each person that rides the zip, Toro Verde (the Adventure Park where El Monstruo is located) donates money to the Ricky Martin Foundation to fight human trafficking. So not only will you be experiencing an adrenaline thrill and riding the longest zip line in the world, you'll also be doing your bit to help others.

There aren't many places to stay close to the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, so we suggest staying 45 minutes away in the Hyatt Place Manati Hotel which is near Playa Mar Chiquita beach and offers a free breakfast buffet.

6. Las Cabanas Beach Zip Line, El Nido

The El Nido zip line in Palawan.

The zip line at El Nido takes you soaring over the trees and Las Cabañas Beach in Palawan, Philippines. There are two ways to experience the zip; sitting down or the ever-popular 'superman' style. Sitting down is the cheaper option, but does often leave you stranded a way from the end of the line. This isn't the end of the world as an instructor will help pull you to the finish, but it might be more fun to pay a little extra to hopefully zoom all the way to the end.

The zip is 2,460 ft long and joins Las Cabañas with Depeldet Island. Riders can choose a one-way ride followed by a walk (at low tide) or swim back to the beach, or a two-way ride which brings you back to the starting point. Stay at the Doublegem Beach Resort; close to Las Cabañas beach it's perfectly located for your zip line fun, but it's also renowned for stunning sunset views.

7. Slotzilla, Las Vegas

3 zipliners at the SlotZilla zoomline in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Scott Roeben

Bored of playing slots and fancy a different kind of thrill when you're in Vegas? SlotZilla has you covered. Located in downtown Vegas on Fremont Street, the Zoomline travels the length of the pedestrian mall, underneath the world's largest video screen; Viva Vision. If you're not too busy looking down at the people below you, you'll have a great view of the screen as you zoom below it at 40 mph. The other zip available at SlotZilla is the Zipline, which only goes halfway down Freemont Street but is cheaper and closer to the ground at 77 feet high as opposed to 114 feet.

Whilst tickets are almost double in price for the Zoomline ($45 instead of $25 for the Zipline) it's probably worth paying extra for the full experience. Being 12 stories up in the world's largest slot machine isn't something that happens everyday.

Stay in the Downtown Grand Hotel which is close to the Freemont Street Experience, or search for hotels downtown.

8. Thunderbird, Ontario

8 of the Coolest Zip Lines in the World - Thunderbird, Ontario

Another Canadian zip on the list, the Thunderbird zip line at Blue Mountain is a couple of hours outside Toronto and spans half a mile. It's Canada's longest twin zip line, meaning you can zoom with a friend or go solo down the 2,550 foot line. Featuring a vertical drop of 287 feet, this isn't one for the fainthearted, though 'dynamically controlled' technology does allow riders to choose their own speed up to the pace of around 70 mph. 

If you're going all-out with an adventure holiday and plan to spend a lot of time at Blue Mountain, stay in the Mountain Springs Resort so you'll be close by. Alternatively, look for hotels in Toronto and make the journey to Blue Mountain for the Thunderbird.

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