August Bank Holiday Return Flights for Under £100

June 6, 2016

We've found the best flight deals under £100 to some fantastic European capital cities over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Book early to avoid missing out on the great prices below.

The only problem about bank holiday weekends? There aren’t enough of them. Yes, nothing says freedom to the everyday nine to five worker like a bank holiday weekend. And with the two in May having passed us by quicker than our teenage years, we're all looking towards the end of August for our next opportunity to jet off on a city break.

Below we take a look at some European capital cities you can book return flights to over the bank holiday weekend for under £100 (at the time of writing this article). Each price is based on direct flights departing on Thursday 25th August and returning on Monday 29th August, so the good news is you’ll only have to book two days off work. The bad news - it’s back to work on the Tuesday, waiting all over again until that next bank holiday fix.

1. Brussels From £40 Return

People wandering a garden in the city of Brussels.

Fly From Manchester: £40 Return
Flight Time: 1hr 25mins

The Belgian capital is usually near the top of the European traveller's bucket list and with great cultural attractions, charismatic squares and a thriving food and drinks scene, it's easy to see why. If you haven't visited Brussels and there's a cheap flight up for grabs, a long weekend in this city is a must given it's close proximity to the UK.

Search for flights to Brussels (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

2. Oslo From £49 Return

People wandering a beautiful park in Oslo.

Fly From London Stansted: £49 Return
Flight Time: 2hrs

Many will know about Oslo's range of world class museums and galleries but the Norwegian capital also opens up to beautiful natural surroundings including some sublime lakes and forests perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and boating. Consequently, the summer is a great time to visit for the 'get-up-and-go' types and the August bank holiday weekend presents the perfect opportunity. 

Search for flights to Oslo (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

3. Copenhagen From £50 Return

River and canal in Copenhagen.

Fly from London Luton: £50 Return
Flight time: 1hr 50mins

Picture-perfect Copenhagen has been hailed as one of the happiest places on earth and is a great destination for both couples and friends looking for a casual city break. Its striking attractions range from the atmospheric Tivoli Gardens to the historic Rosenborg Castle and make for some interesting sightseeing. Or to see the city from the water, how about a boat tour around the canals and harbour?

Search for flights to Copenhagen (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

4. Stockholm From £55 Return

Boats docked on a river in Stockholm at nightfall.

Fly From London Stansted: £55 Return
Flight Time: 2hrs 15mins

There's plenty to see and do in the Swedish capital, which is made up of 14 islands. One of the best times to visit this city is during the summer, when on a warm weekend Långholmen beach is lined with overflowing waterside bars and a young, laid-back crowd. Then during the evening, you can check out Stockholm's bustling nightlife scene where you'll soon realise the Swedes know how to have fun. 

Search for flights to Stockholm (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

5. Paris From £60 Return

Skyline of Paris at sunrise showing the Eiffel Tower.

Fly From London Luton: £60 Return
Flight Time: 1hr 15mins

Ooh la la. One of the world's most romantic cities, Paris needs no introduction and is always a winner with Brits looking for a weekend break overseas; there's something for everyone here. From romancing couples visiting to enjoy the iconic attractions and outstanding cuisine, to the fashionistas coming to shop til they drop, everyone should visit the 'City of Light' at least once. Why not this summer?

Search for flights to Paris (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

6. Berlin From £60 Return

Berlin skyline during the day overlooking the Spree.

Fly From London Stansted: £60 Return
Flight Time: 2hrs

Although some will assume Berlin's beer-drinking culture to be its main draw, this huge German capital actually has plenty more to offer. Combining a mix of old and new, this city is also steeped in history with an array of sights and countless museums balancing its lively nightlife scene. In fact, we'll be surprised if you can see and do everything over a long weekend.   

Search for flights to Berlin (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

7. Amsterdam From £74 Return

Boats float on in an Amsterdam canal lined by bicycles on the pavement.

Fly From London Luton: £74 Return
Flight Time: 1hr 5mins

We all know why groups of friends head for the Dutch capital. The party scene is renowned across Europe and an August bank holiday weekend break to Amsterdam is one of the best ways to round off the summer. Yet, others will also find a beautiful side to this city in its 17th century townhouses, picturesque canals and cozy café culture. Only a one hour flight from London, you can reach this city in no time. 

Search for flights to Amsterdam (look for Thursday 25th - Monday 29th August).

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