Brighton or Bust: Beaches, Bikes and The Booth

September 1, 2016

Brighton may not have guaranteed sunshine but it sure does have a lot going for it. Ranjit Shergill lets us in on the must-sees in this famous seaside town, from the long, pebble beaches to their natural history museum.

Brighton is famous for its shorelines and wild stag and hen parties, but there's more to this seaside resort than meets the eye. Bohemian, hedonistic and just downright cool, Brighton is full of charming cobbled lanes, upmarket shops and has a thriving restaurant scene. If that's not enough to convince you to visit, Ranjit Shergill has a few other gems that have tourists flocking to Brighton.

1. Brighton's Pebble Beaches

Deckchairs at Brighton Beach

Think Brighton’s coast has blistering heat, silky sand and turquoise water? Well, think again. Instead long stretches of pebble beaches and windy conditions can be more the norm. Thankfully tourists don’t come here for the sunshine (it is English weather afterall). The shoreline is full of beach bodies on stripy deck chairs to the extent that playing a game of Where's Wally would be a thankless task. Adrenaline activities such as kayaking and high intensity volleyball take precedence over sunbathing. Should you wish to take in the seaside atmosphere in posher surroundings, a glass of wine and a delectable meal at Belle Vue at the top of the i360 is in order. Dubbed the tallest viewing tower in the world, sweeping images fall before you in Brighton’s answer to London Eye. At sunset, the crowds flock to the Brighton pier to tuck into local seafood at bustling restaurants such as the Palm Court. Others go ride hopping at the fairground, whether it be a round of dodgem mania or a jumping competition on the trampolines.

2. Bikes in the Buff


Naked cycle runs are an annual theme in this neck of the woods which led to local environmental charities encouraging beach lovers to strip naked in order to gain entry into the Guinness World book of records for the largest number of naked people at an organised event. The London to Brighton bike ride just gets more popular and features one of the steepest points in the local vicinity at Ditchling Beacon. If you end up participating you'll never be lacking support. Similar to the wings for life race in Cambridge the locals are ready to spritz you in the midst of the gripping heat. Celebrate reaching the finish line in style by posing for the cameras with the Brighton pier in the backdrop.

3. The Booth Museum of Natural History

Two bright butterflies on display

An off-the-grid delight is this quaint museum founded by Edward Booth in 1875. His love for all things wildlife led to him to create a plethora of colour coordinated nature rooms. He was also the pioneer of the practice known as diorama, where birds are collected and held in their natural habitat. The Booth Museum also houses specimens going back to the ages of dinosaurs. We recommend coming early to beat the queues as most of the museum's activities are first come, first serve. With over 650 different species to admire, the wide collection of butterflies is stunning. If you're a keen photographer the museum allows you to organise photo shoots under supervision so you can capture your favourite species for your own vibrant collage.

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