Curries, Cocktails and Corner Kicks

June 2, 2016

Ranjit Shergill delves into the Curry Mile, Spinningfields - the north's answer to Knightsbridge, and the famous football quarters for a look at Manchester's three most symbolic themes.

Mention the word Manchester in a global sense and it instantly resonates with two famous football teams in Manchester United and Manchester City, where a sea of red and blue identifies two halves of the city. Inspect more closely and you'll also find that Manchester is a cultural hotpot, filled with fabulous eateries and a nightlife that's very much all its own. It's a city that has adopted an endless improvement philosophy, with new developments and structures a constant theme such as the city centre's excellent tram system. With getting around a doddle, Ranjit Shergill takes advantage of the city's straightforward ways to bring us on a guided tour along Manchester's three most symbolic themes: curries, cocktails and corner kicks.  

The Curry Mile

Selection of dishes at an Indian buffet

Located in the southern part of the city in the district of Rusholme along Wimslow Road, is the famous Curry Mile. It is a melting pot of Asian restaurants, with several informal cafes and sit down diners. Whether your preference be a late night kebab after a long night out in town or a formal sit down at the Mughli restaurant where north Indian cuisine takes precedence; all taste buds are catered for. Restaurants are generally open until 2 a.m. and there is no ‘peak’ time as the long mile road is equivalent to a beehive of people with constant curiousity for the delights it has to offer. Many restaurants also operate an open door policy for a homely feel, and for those on a budget, you need never fear being subjected to premium prices. The Curry Mile resembles organised chaos that gives it the feeling of a place that never sleeps. It is symbolic of its majority Asian inhabitants, who are accustomed to the hustle and bustle lifestyle. 


Barman putting the finishing touches on a cocktail

Dubbed as the “Knightsbridge of the north of England”, Spinningfields in the city centre boasts a plethora of glamorous bars and restaurants. Likened to a ‘cool and crazy’ science laboratory, The Alchemist is certainly worth a visit. You'll find yourself surrounded by experimental flasks and jars as your cocktail artist crafts a colourful and sensational beverage. And for the creative kind, cocktail making classes are available. After devouring the multitude of cocktails on offer, turn your attention to some fantastically unique high-end restaurants such as Australasia located within an impressively designed glass pyramid. Once at the table you'll discover a fantastic menu of Asian-Pacific fusion cuisine, and if you want to extend your night, there's a late DJ lounge to check out. If beer is your poison of choice, Manchester is home to several famous craft products and hosts an annual Beer & Cider Festival where you can find more than 600 different beers and ciders to try with the added comfort of crowd control, for more seats and less elbowing.

Corner Kicks

Crowd cheering at a football stadium

Manchester’s footballing history needs no introduction and this is arguably the biggest tourist hotspot in the city. A visit to the home of Manchester United F.C, dubbed the theatre of dreams ‘Old Trafford’ is arguably the first thing to do on a visit to this city. Immerse yourself in the club’s history with a tour from one of the stadium's dedicated guides who are renowned for their passion and connections with the club. If you're lucky enough to get a ticket to a game, you'll discover a spine-tingling partisan atmosphere. On the other side of the city, is the City of Manchester Stadium where the equally famous Manchester City FC call home. If you're here to watch a match and the home team scores, you'll witness the infamous ‘Poznan’ celebration. It's quite a sight: thousands of fans huddle together and jump up and down, creating a remarkable choreography.

Ranjit Shergill Ranjit works as a Sports Trading Analyst and is addicted to travelling, combining exciting adventures with humbling life experiences. In recent times, Ranjit has embraced cultural hotspots while travelling to Latin America and Southeast Asia.