The Stay-Out-All-Night Club Guide to Berlin

September 19, 2016

Berlin's party reputation might preceed it, but if you really want to stay out all night then you'll want to get serious at one of these top five legendary clubs.

Frank Sinatra once sang about New York being the city that never sleeps, but if Ol’ Blue Eyes had ever been to Berlin he would have quickly changed his tune. The capital of Germany is a cosmopolitan city of culture, history and art and well known for its festivals, parties and nightlife. 

It doesn't really matter where you stay in as Berlin as the city is phenomenally easy to get around at night with most u-bahns running for 24 hours at weekends and we doubt you'll be doing much sleeping at that. Opt for a hotel in a central location such as Alexanderplatz or Mitte to reduce the time spent wandering bleary eyed in the early hours of the morning. We love Motel One in Mitte as while it's cheap enough for somewhere that you're not going to spend much time in, it's very comfortable, offering free wifi, its own bar where you can start the night and a handy breakfast cafe you can call into on your way to bed, all in an enviable location just a hop and a skip away from Moritzplatz Underground Station.

If you want to visit a world class city where you can party through until sunrise, Berlin is an excellent choice - and here are the best clubs to do it in:

Bi Nuu

Band playing to a packed stage in a club in Berlin, Germany.

Bi Nuu is small but mighty and a great spot for cheap drinks and live music. If you’re into indie/alt-rock, this is the place to go. They’ve previously played host to bands such as Brand New, Royal Blood, Fall Out Boy, Primal Scream…. you get the idea. If you're planning on seeing someone in particular, avoid disappointment and book your tickets in advance - as we noted above, Bi Nuu is smallish so gigs tend to sell out long before the night in question. It’s situated in Wrangelkiez, east of Kreuzberg and just over the Oberbaumbrucke and conveniently close to T’unas Gemuse Kebap, where you’ll be able to get a scrumptious late night kebab for a mere few euros.

House of Weekend

Friends partying in a club in Berlin, Germany.

In the north of the city you will find House of Weekend - it might not be the easiest to get to, but it has the most amazing rooftop view of the entire city, so if you like your views expansive and beautiful this is the place for you. The balcony wraps around the building giving you 360 degree views making it a perfect spot in the milder months. You will pay 10 euro on the door to get in but it's worth it for the views alone, and the drinks are pretty similar to other Berlin prices. The music varies but expect solid house and techno, and good ambiance on the dance floor. Top tip: wear something particularly nice - it isn’t unheard of to be turned away for not dressing up, unlike other Berlin clubs where it's totally okay to be a bit more relaxed.


Friends partying in a club in Berlin, Germany.

Back on the south side of the river is Watergate, which is a fantastic location if you want a beautiful view to go with your EDM - it has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the river and the Oberbaumbrucke, the famous bridge which spans over it. The DJ lineup changes regularly and you will hear anything from dirty house to deep techno and trance. Do your research on who is playing the night you go as you may be asked this on the door. You can even take the tunes home with you as these guys have their own record label of the same name and release their own mixed albums. They also host day parties during the summer which are held outdoor with a more chilled vibe.


Close up of DJ playing at a club in Berlin.

Last but far, far from least, Berghain is the ultimate of the Berlin clubs. Not for the faint-hearted, Berghain sits dominant on an old industrial lot on the edge of uber cool Kreuzberg. This large former power plant has a minimalist design consisting mainly of concrete and steel and features no mirrors or reflective surfaces, not even in the genderless bathrooms.

While you just might be able to avoid the scrutiny of the bouncers by booking tickets to a gig, Berghain is notoriously hard to get into. Bouncers allegedly decide who gets in and who doesn’t based on whichever criteria they choose on the night - advice from club goers ranges from ‘wear only black’, ‘no loud conversation while waiting in the line’, ‘do not use your mobile phone openly’ to ‘don’t wear heels and a dress if you’re a woman’. In a group? Have a plan B in case not everyone gets let in - those that do, we hope you love dirty pumping techno, cheap drinks and hedonism, because in here anything goes - and we mean anything. Be prepared for one of the most fun nights of your life and don’t expect it to be over until you’re well into the next day.

If you really don't fancy your chances, play it safe with an alternative pub crawl tour through alternative Berlin and at least you'll get to delve into the legendary bars of Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Wedding with a selection of goth bars, ping pong bars, hippie drinking holes and craft beer spots.


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