The Ultimate Ibiza Survival Kit

April 13, 2016

Heading for the clubbing paradise of Ibiza this summer? We've put together an Ibiza Survival Kit for Europe's best loved party destination to help you combat fatigue, hangovers and more. You're welcome!

Every plane tells a story. The one heading to Ibiza is usually packed with over excited groups of friends being loud and boisterous while drinking a few pre-Ibiza beers. The one returning is usually a different picture. A scene of dejected, partied-out holidaymakers, complaining of sore throats, moaning about going back to work and drinking as much water as is humanly possible - trust us, we've all been there.

Sure, with a week or two of all day partying, drinking and dancing, naturally you'll need a few days to recover. And while every Ibiza-goer can't travel without their new sunglasses and designer swimwear on board, packing some simple essentials can go a long way to making you feel a whole lot better than the guy sitting next to you on the flight home. So if you're an Ibiza virgin or just need a reminder, take a look at our Ultimate Ibiza Survival Kit below: it'll make your Ibiza story a great one.


Man inserting an ear plug into his ear.

While we don't expect to get much of it when staying at a party hotel, an extra hour or two of sleep can help keep you going until the early hours. Most of us won't have a problem with falling asleep after a few drinks, but it's the ear-busting music in the mornings which is sure to wake you up if you're staying at hotspots like Ibiza Rocks. And we haven't even mentioned the supersonic snoring from your mate on the bed in the corner. Pop in those ear plugs and you'll be snoozing a little longer, so you won't need to nap on the beach and miss out on the fun later.

Rehydration Salts and Vitamins

A woman sitting on the beach listening to music through headphones and drinking a bottle of water.

There's no avoiding a hangover in Ibiza and contrary to popular belief, a greasy fry-up isn't the best cure. Headaches are usually a consequence of dehydration and chances are, being in the sun all day, you're probably dehydrated before you've even started drinking. They aren't the tastiest thing in the world but pouring a rehydration salt into your bottle of water can really make a difference. Take one before you go out and when you wake up. Plus, with all that alcohol and junk food, it's easy to forget about your vitamins. Our advice? Keep your mum happy and pack some Berocca.


Lots of party goers dancing and partying in front of a stage in a busy nightclub.

This may seem like a no brainer to some, but to others - who assume a pair of flip flops is all they need when travelling somewhere hot - we think it's valuable advice. If you're heading to the big clubs, you're going to be on your feet dancing all night on a crowded dancefloor. Plus, it's pretty much the fashion here to be wearing trainers to some of the nightclubs. You'll even see girls sporting their brand new Nikes as they queue for clubs like Space and Amnesia. Of course other forms of fashionable footwear are also worn, including heels to the fancier venues. Regardless, some form of flat, comfy shoes are a good idea for the busier clubs. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Different varieties of plasters.

These go hand in hand with your new footwear. We all head out shopping before our holiday and many of us will purchase a new pair of sandals, flip flops or trainers. And everyone knows that new footwear can lead to blisters. Considering how much you're going to be on your feet, especially in the evening (and even more so if you'd rather walk from A to B than get a taxi), plasters are a small yet effective item to throw into your case. Apparently, they also come in handy if you cut yourself too. Obviously get the clear ones if you can though, you don't want to ruin your look.


Woman in a bikini applying suncream to her leg on a beach.

People are so obsessed with a tan these days that they think wearing sunscreen will stop them returning with one. Fortunately that isn't the case. Ibiza temperatures during summer can rise above 30 degrees Celsius and a cool sea breeze isn't going to stop you getting burnt. Sure, it's nice to get a golden glow but make sure you protect your skin and you won't be the outcast on the beach who looks like a lobster. 

Spanish Sim Card

A Spanish sim card.

We all know about data roaming charges and how much we hate them. Does anyone like returning from holiday with extra costs because your friend got lost and you decided to ring them drunk at 4:30 a.m.? Or because you couldn't wait to get some Wi-Fi so you just quickly connected to WhatsApp to send a message? When you get to Ibiza, get a couple of people in your group to head out and buy a few cheap Spanish sim cards. That way you'll be connected to your friends if you lose each other and won't all rack up extra costs on your phone bill.     


A black manbag.

There was a time when such bags weren't 'cool' but apparently, they are pretty fashionable these days. The girls tend to go for a Bumbag to hold their valuables like their phone, money and whatever else guys wonder they put in there. Playsuits and skimpy skirts sometimes come with no pockets where as the shallow and tight pockets of denim shorts aren't exactly ideal for an iPhone which is ever-increasing in size. Guys on the other hand, when they choose not to shove their stuff in their shorts, opt for the Manbag. While this can make an appearance on a night out, its biggest use is usually during the day when at the beach or around the pool. Whatever you choose, always look after your valuables; no-one wants to come home with no phone and €200 down.   

Baby Wipes

A pack of baby wipes.

Another simple yet effective item. We've already mentioned how hot it can get during summer and although you have the sea and pool during the day, the evenings can still be quite humid and leave you feeling a little sweaty. While many won't care about what they look like when they're going mental in one of the clubs, others may find that when dressed-to-impress at a sunset dinner in Café Mambo, a baby wipe comes in handy. Don't replace showers with baby wipes though, that's just disgusting.

Ben Leach Ben's longest trip involved 15 months of backpacking around Australia and Southeast Asia, and now he shares his experiences with Travioor from London. Luckily, after spending so long staring at cheesy sunsets, drinking too much Goon and eating his weight in Pad Thai, he can still manage to put a few words together.