Wax, Whisky and Walking in Dublin

July 6, 2016

Ranjit Shergill takes an adventure with three charming experiences in Ireland's capital city.

Mention the word Dublin in a global sense and it instantly resonates with an image of a pint of Guinness complete with a glut of iron-infested bubbles and a smooth and creamy finish. You might also think of glittering towers and majestic, colonnaded buildings on either side of the River Liffey, and lively, affable fans be it of football, rugby or fierce hurling. We take a look at three more, equally alluring, facets of Ireland's capital city: waxworks, whisky and walking.

1. The National Wax Museum Plus

Wax figure making, Dublin, Ireland

This fascinating museum is one of Dublin's most beloved interactive visitor attractions. Have a look inside and you'll see realistic representations of red carpet celebrities and popstars all through the ages, your favorite movies, historical portrayals and an obligatory chamber of horror all on various floors linked by narrow, old fashioned staircases that wonderfully create an added air of suspense. There's something for all ages and genres, whether your first stop is at X-factor fans' favourite singers Jedward or a historically faithful reconstruction of a scene defining the Good Friday Peace agreement. Once you've finished with the exhibits, you can also immerse yourself in the gift shop, having a wax ‘glove’ made to measure. The National Wax Museum Plus is located on Foster Place in Temple Bar, housed in the Armoury Building where in times gone past Ireland’s gold bullion and arms were stored, giving you another great reason to visit. 

2. The Old Jameson Distillery

Bottles of Jameson Whiskey in Dublin, Ireland

Whisky enthusiasts will go wild over the vast number of vintage bottles displayed 360 degrees all-round, and for those not so fond of the traditional Irish fire water, there's a sufficient variety of new whisky flavours to take you past its acquired taste - mix and match your drink with special sweeteners that give it a cocktail infused flavour, such as Jameson Caskmates. Take the historical Jameson Distillery tour and you'll find that storytelling is only a small part of the experience on offer. You'll be licking your lips on the final leg of the tour, when all whisky lovers will meet their match in a bragging-rights test of the ‘experts': detect the distinctive Jameson flavour from a flight of several different glasses the quickest out of your group and you'll get a nifty tasting certificate to take home.

3. Walking

The Spire, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin’s flat terrain makes seeing the city by foot all the more appealing. Even during the city’s wettest and windiest days, there's a plethora of places of interest to take shelter in. Stop in Dublin Castle and alongside the fortress you'll also find beautiful libraries and The Chapel Royal. For the most spontaneous way to view all cornerstones of the city, walk along the River Liffey from Dublin Docklands right through to Phoenix Park. Come evening time, take a stroll down O’Connell Street for spine-tingling atmosphere and a look at Dublin's most modern landmark - a towering, stainless steel, pin-like monument called the Spire of Dublin, or the Monument of Light.

Ranjit Shergill Ranjit works as a Sports Trading Analyst and is addicted to travelling, combining exciting adventures with humbling life experiences. In recent times, Ranjit has embraced cultural hotspots while travelling to Latin America and Southeast Asia.