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About Paphos

If you want Cypriot sun, culture and history, the beautifully charming coastal city of Paphos is a good option for both young and old holidaymakers, and perfect for romancing couples.

Love is in the air when you visit the Cypriot city of Paphos; perhaps that’s because Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born here. Situated on the southwestern tip of Cyprus with a population of around 33,000, Paphos is split into two with the lower town, 'Kato Paphos' (home to most of the tourist hotels and bars) and the upper town, 'Ktima Paphos' (the commercial side), both possessing beauty in their own right.

This coastal city is a great place to start for those seeking a more cultured break in the sunshine, with famous sites such as the Tombs of the Kings and Paphos Fort offering an insight into a city with incredible ancient history. Romancing couples will find pleasure in the cobbled streets of old villages and gazing across the natural scenery of coastal sites, where as young holidaymakers can enjoy the buzz of ‘bar street’. But ultimately, it’s Paphos’ charm and bold character which makes this destination so appealing with a picturesque harbour at its focal point. They say love hurts, and so will leaving this place.

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When Should You Visit?

Autumn is a great time to visit. October can still see temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius, rainfall is rare and the sea is still warm enough to swim. Plus the heat is more bearable and there are fewer crowds.

Paphos in general experiences a semi-arid climate. If you don’t like the rain, you’ll love the months between May-September which experience virtually no rainfall. With summer highs regularly reaching over 30 degrees Celsius which can also be the case for spring and autumn, it’s easy to see why this is a great destination for sun-seeking holidaymakers. Even in winter, temperatures have been known to reach 20 degrees Celsius, although some much needed showers occur at this time of the year.

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Insider Info

  • You should definitely consider hiring a car to explore the surrounding area of Paphos. If you’re the active type, head up to Akamas Peninsula where you’ll discover some lush grounds perfect for trekking by foot or riding by bike. Some beautiful views can be found here and a nearby loggerhead turtle sanctuary at Lara.

  • If you want to go on a trip, always check shop prices, especially around the harbour, which are usually cheaper than the reps that sell them in the hotels.

  • On a time scale? Jump on a narrated hop-on hop-off bus tour with a ticket that’s valid for 24 hours.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Given the increase in tourism over the last 20 years, there are many international choices on offer when it comes to restaurants as well as many western fast food chains. Yet there are also some beautiful local eateries offering a romantic setting and great atmosphere. Traditional tavernas can be found in Kathikas Village if you’re prepared to venture out a little further where Cypriot Meze is best enjoyed. As for the cuisine in Paphos, you can’t leave without enjoying some Halloumi, Calamari or Afelia (a national favourite made from pork, red wine, mushrooms, potatoes and coriander seeds).

Tasty Cypriot cuisine is always best followed up by a glass of Commandaria (a sweet dessert wine) or a pint of locally brewed lager (Keo or Leon). But the main place to have a few beers is the strip known as 'Bar Street'. Whilst Paphos isn't as wild as other student-heavy destinations such as Ayia Napa, the city still delivers on a smaller scale, with Karaoke shows, rock clubs and British-themed pubs providing a lively evening for couples and groups alike.

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Paphos’s Story

The city of Paphos is steeped in history and myth tells us the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born here with The Myceneans building a temple in her name in the 12th century BC. Her name can also be found among many other attractions including Aphrodite Rocks and the Baths of Aphrodite at Polis. It’s said that the Greeks and all of the Aegean worshiped her and the goddess marks an important part of Paphos' history.

Back in Roman times, the New Paphos (now Kato Pafos) was created replacing what today is known as Old Paphos (Ktima) which resides in the village of Kouklia. This was also a good period for the city which saw many attractions and defence systems built increasing the city’s wealth. After a brief era of Christianity ignited by Saint Paul in 46 AD, medieval times saw the Arabs invade, stealing anything they could before the Byzantines restored the city’s position and status. Aside from a very brief year which saw the Crusaders rule, the Byzantines had control of the city until 1489.

Soon to follow were the Venetians and the Turkish before the British between 1878-1960. Paphos’ economic decline was becoming more evident across these periods and it wasn’t until 1974 when the airport was built which gave the city hope of going from a seaside village to a tourist hotspot. Since then tourism has been on the up with a number of hotels and attractions built in ‘Kato Pafos’, where as the section up the hill called ‘Ktima’ is the commercial centre. Despite this, it still remains a significant fishing harbour.


Yasu | Hello
Efharistó | Thank you


The official language in the south of Cyprus is Greek with most people speaking the Greek dialect – Greek Cypriot. However, the majority of people speak English here with road signs and menus all translated into English. Having said this, it’s always good to learn the basics and interact with locals:

  • Please: Parakaló
  • Excuse me: Signomi
  • Do you speak English?: Miláte angliká?

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Need to know

+357 Dialling Code
112 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • In restaurants most people will tip 10% if they feel the service was good enough.
  • Tours to the Troodos Mountains leave Mondays and Thursdays.
  • It only takes around 20 minutes to reach the centre of Paphos from the airport.



Find out about the visa requirements for Cyprus here.

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Visit Tombs of the Kings dating back to the 4th century B.C.

2. Tavernas

Walk the cobbled streets and dine in the tavernas of nearby villages such as Tala Village.

3. Natural Scenery

Enjoy the natural beauty of Paphos at the Rock of Aphrodite or a sunset over Coral Bay.

4. Ancient Monuments

Head for the Archaeological Park featuring monuments from the prehistoric times to the middle ages.

5. Coastline

Relax and enjoy some watersports at one of Paphos’ beaches.

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