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About Prague

An ever-growing capital with an abundant history and buzzing nightlife, Prague is one of Europe's most charming and character packed cities. It's also great if you like a tipple.

It's said that Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country and when it's cheaper than water, you can understand why. Now one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, Prague is the Czech Republic's capital and the country's largest city with a population just shy of 1.3 million.

This spectacular city is not just a party town; Prague is loaded with magnificent architecture and the cobblestone streets of the Old Town are overflowing with character and charm. Historic museums, old castles and a dynamic café scene can be found among an endless list of attractions which also feature a weird and wonderful giant Metronome and a Cubist lamp post. Whether you want romance along the waters edge, a wild night out on the town or a sightseeing day tour, there's something for everyone in Prague (cheap beer included).

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When Should You Visit?

May or September are perhaps the best time to go, when tourist attractions are less crowded and the weather is still warm with temperatures reaching around 19 degrees Celsius.

Snow capped buildings in winter make for a picturesque city break, whereas the summer months reach highs of around 25 degrees Celsius - ideal Prague beer garden weather. However, most tourists head for the Czech capital at this time of the year so spring or early autumn are perhaps better options if you want to avoid the crowds. Rainfall can occur even in summer so it's always good to carry an umbrella or a light rain jacket.

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Travioor top tips

Arrive Early

Insider Info

  • Prague Castle is the most visited site in the city and is the largest ancient castle in the world. Due to its popularity, queues can get long and you can wait up to 40 minutes to get in during peak season. To avoid standing around, try to arrive as early as possible before the castle opens.

  • You don't have to stay in the city centre. On the outskirts of the Czech capital, many hidden gems are waiting to be discovered and beautiful neighbourhoods are home to friendly locals. Jump on the tram and explore all of what Prague has to offer, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Romantic walks across Charles Bridge or around the Old Town Square are best enjoyed in the early morning or late evening after 8pm when it is far less crowded.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

If you're on a diet, Czech cuisine probably isn't for you. Much of the food goes hand in hand with Czech beer, with many pubs offering traditional snacks such as utopenci (pickled sausages) to go with your pint. Beef or pork dishes with a side dish of knedily (dumplings) are a popular national favourite. If you're looking for a creative culinary experience, give rajská a try which throws up the interesting combination of a meat with sauce and whipped cream. And don't forget the famous Czech pancakes for dessert.

With a strong reputation for cheap booze, Prague’s pubs offer a bewilderingly wide range of lagers, including internationally famous brands like Urquell, Staropramen, Budvar and Kozel. It's well publicised that you can find beer is cheaper than water in some places and the huge pub culture makes Prague a top destination for stag parties. After a few drinks in the city's bars, many head for Karlovy Lazne which is the largest club in central Europe.

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Prague’s Story

Prague first became a settlement when the Old Town and Little Quarter were colonised in the 13th century; by the 14th century it was the largest town in Europe. The city continued to prosper, before experiencing many difficulties leading up to the proclamation of an independent Czechoslovakia after WWI, when Prague was named capital of the new state.

Following WWII in 1948, Czechoslovakia fell under a communist dictatorship until 1989 when the Velvet Revolution resulted in a parliamentary democracy. In 1993 Czechoslovakia split into two, giving the Czech Republic status as an independent country and a gateway for Prague tourism to grow and become one of the most popular cities in Europe today.


Ahoj | Hello
Děkuji | Thank you


Unsurprisingly, Czech - the official language - is spoken by around 96% of the population. Walking the streets you may hear some German but as is the case in most capitals throughout Europe, English is widely spoken in most restaurants, bars and shops. However, it never hurts to learn the basics and we've listed a few common words/phrases below:

  • Goodbye: Na shledanou
  • Do you speak English?: Mluvíte anglicky francouzsky?

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Need to know

+420 Dialling Code
112 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • Tipping is usually 10% but is not compulsory.
  • When eating out, butter or sauces usually cost extra.
  • Avoid pubs and restaurants that display prices in Euros; they are usually more expensive.
  • Buses can be just as effective to get around as trams.
  • The main currency used here is the Czech Crown. A few places may accept Euros.


Find out about the visa requirements for the Czech Republic here.

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