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About Düsseldorf

From partying at 'the longest bar in the world', to exploring art museums and historic market squares, vibrant Düsseldorf has plenty on offer for its millions of incoming tourists.

Visiting the longest bar in the world sounds like a challenge we heartily accept, so Düsseldorf’s Aldstadt is a no-brainer. This row of bars and drinking spots all join together, giving this night-time strip its claim to fame. Unsurprisingly, it makes Düsseldorf a pretty epic party destination that gives other German cities a run for their money.

It’s not all Altbier (the local brew) and late nights though; the city is also home to a rich cinematic history, including a wonderful Filmmuseum which shows rare and obscure movies. Düsseldorf’s been described as Germany’s art and fashion centre and creatives will enjoy the K20 Grabbeplatz, the K21 Ständehaus and the underground Kunst im Tunnel exhibition space. For a quieter scene try the Bilk, home to students and quirky coffee houses or head to the Königsallee for some retail therapy. And if the hangover’s really bad, brush the cobwebs away with a stroll through the historic Marktplatz.

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When Should You Visit?

Your best bet is September when summer crowds have dispersed, yet temperatures are still warm.

Düsseldorf has a mild climate with moderate, warm summers and cool to cold winters, sometimes with snow. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of two degrees Celsius, the warmest is July with an average of 18 degrees Celsius; the wettest month is June.

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Travioor top tips

Free Entry
Hidden Art
Food Market

Insider Info

  • The K20 Grabbeplatz and the K21 Ständehaus are free on the first Wednesday evening of each month.
  • In-the-know art lovers head to Kunst im Tunnel, a hip underground exhibition space below the Rhine promenade.
  • For lunch on a budget, try the farmers market in the old town; the cheese stalls are especially delicious.

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Food and drink

Main Course £12.98 | 14.50 €

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The Scene

As the administrative capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf has plenty of regional dishes. Popular choices include Rheinischer Sauerbraten (rare roast beef or horse, marinated and served with vinegar, gravy and raisins), Himmel und Äd (black pudding with stewed apples and mashed potatoes) and Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten (local steak topped with Düsseldorf mustard). Beer is something of an institution in this town; the city’s Altbier is a hoppy brew that the locals will proudly claim to be the best in Germany.

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Düsseldorf’s Story

During the 7th and 8th centuries, the city was made up of a few small settlements, mainly populated by Germanic tribes. In the subsequent centuries it grew in size and in 1288, it was granted town privileges by the Count of Berg. Today, this history is (rather bizarrely) celebrated with a cartwheeling contest each year.

Over time, Düsseldorf’s relationship with neighbouring Cologne deteriorated, which was largely due to their economic competitiveness. The city's wealth declined during the 1800s and it was later heavily bombed during World War II. Since then, it has recovered its former prominence and is now considered a major hub for creativity, fashion and the arts.


Hallo | Hello
Danke | Thank you


German is the official language in Düsseldorf (and Germany), although many of the city’s residents also speak English. Tourist information, guides and signs tend to be in several languages. The following basic German phrases may be useful.

  • Goodbye: Tschüss
  • Please: Bitte
  • Do you speak English?: Sprichst du Englisch?

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Need to know

+49 Dialling Code
112 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • Düsseldorf has a pretty big rivalry with nearby Cologne (both produce competing beers). Best to avoid the subject.
  • The Düsseldorf Card (offering transport and museum discount) is available from the tourist office.



Find out about the visa requirements for Germany here.


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1. Filmmuseum

Visit the Filmmuseum which often plays rare black and white movies with musical accompaniment.

2. The Bilk

Explore the Bilk; this trendy student area has endless coffee shops and quirky boutiques.

3. Art Museums

Explore regional art museum Kunstsammlung Nord-rhein-Westfalen.

4. Aldstadt

Get ready for a hectic all-nighter at the Aldstadt, otherwise known as ‘the longest bar in the world’.

5. Marktplatz

Wander through the historic Marktplatz, home to the Renaissance town hall.

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