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About Mykonos

Party-centric Mykonos has cemented itself as one of the most popular Greek tourist destinations, thanks to its penchant for parties, epic sunsets and beautiful beaches.

Pack the pro plus; dubbed ‘the Ibiza of Greece’ Mykonos is famed for sun, sea, sand and… well, you can probably guess the rest. From epic all-day beach parties to dance-until-dawn clubs, this is an island that never sleeps.

Mykonos is home to several gorgeous stretches of coastline, including the (aptly named) Paradise and Super Paradise beaches (great for parties) as well as the more relaxed Elia area. It’s not all clubs and raves though; beyond the floor-to-wall speakers lie pretty white-stone villages, windmill-dotted cliffs and bustling town streets. Mykonos is also the perfect base to explore the next door island of Delos, home to one of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites.

There’s also a popular foodie culture on the island, with restaurants serving up local dishes such as Kremmydopita and Louza (onion pastry and cured meat). Make the transition between day and night at the impossibly pretty Little Venice; it’s a great place for an evening cocktail while watching the sunset and recharging with a coffee (or three) to keep you going after last night's beach party.

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When should You Visit?

June or September are great for a chilled out beach break but July and August are the best months if you’re looking to party.

Mykonos has a Mediterranean climate with warm to hot summers and mild winters. The coolest month is January with an average temperature of 9 degrees Celsius and the warmest is July at 26 degrees Celsius; the wettest month is November.

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Travioor top tips

Water Taxi
Quiet Beaches
Arrive Early

Insider Info

  • Can’t afford a private yacht? Hop between beaches via a water taxi from Ornos or Platis Gialos. Often old fishing boats, these quirky rides are reasonably priced.

  • If you need a post-party chill then rent a car and head to the quieter beaches of Ftelia or Kapari.

  • Get to Little Venice early if you want a table for sunset, or book ahead to reserve.

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Food and drink

Main Course £21.98 | 25.00 €

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The Scene

Greece loves its food and Mykonos is no exception. As well as plenty of popular staples (Greek salads with plenty of oregano and olive oil, plus seafood dishes such as grilled swordfish) the island also has its own specialities. Kremmydopita (a filo, feta and onion pie), Louza (meat cured in red wine) and Kopanisti Mykonou (a salty, spicy cheese) are all local favorites. For dessert, enjoy an amygdalota (almond biscuit) from the bakery or do like the Greeks and wash it down with a shot of powerfully strong raki.

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Mykonos’s Story

Although archaeological digs have unearthed evidence that a Neolithic tribe once inhabited the island (circa 3000 BC), it wasn’t until the 11th century BC that the Ionians from Athens permanently settled on Mykonos. This, as well as its proximity to Delos, led to the island becoming an important trading area and stop off point.

After coming under the direct rule of the Roman and Byzantine Empires (until the 12th century) the island then suffered from a Catalan and Venetian invasion. Mykonos was surrendered to Venice in 1390, the Ottoman Empire in 1718 and finally Greece in 1830. Today, it is a major tourist and historical destination, with many visitors travelling by boat to see the ancient ruins of Delos.


Yasu | Hello
Efharistó | Thank you


Greek is the official language on Mykonos; some people may not understand English (although most of the younger generation will). All tourist sights, guides and signs will have English translations. The following Greek phrases may help you get by:

  • Please: Parakaló
  • Excuse me: Signomi
  • Do you speak English?: Miláte angliká?

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Need to know

+30 Dialling Code
112 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • The dinky airport on the island has international flights; you can also catch the ferry to/from Pireaus in Athens.
  • There are only 32 taxis on the whole island; book in advance if you need an airport transfer.
  • Pack the rainbow bikini - the island is known for being gay-friendly.



Find out about the visa requirements for Greece here.

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