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About Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital, offers rich history, beautiful textiles and a famously busy centre alongside the pink hues of striking buildings.

For those who believe everything is prettier in pink, Jaipur (knicknamed the 'Pink City') might as well be the Barbie of India. Yet, rather than being glamorous, it's ultimately a colourful chaos of bustling bazaars, terrifying traffic and royal remnants. Whether you're wandering the busy streets of the city centre or exploring the outskirts at sites such as the iconic Amber Fort, a week spent in Jaipur will certainly give you a glimpse into authentic India.

Shopaholics should visit the the walled city in Jaipur, a haven of bazaars bursting with unique textiles, hand-crafted jewellery and inspiring artwork. And if you're a shoe-fanatic, visit Mojari, a UN-supported project that gives leather-workers living in isolated, rural areas, the opportunity to sell their products in the main tourist district.

Like many Indian cities, Jaipur has its share of fascinating temples and palaces that transport you back in time offering an escape from pushy salesman in the city centre. Amber Fort should be at the top of your list, followed closely by City Palace, Hawa Mahal and a selection of museums. Otherwise the pink hues of grand buildings as you wander the streets may just provide that Instagram Barbie building picture.

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When Should You Visit?

It is best to visit Jaipur between in the winter months between November and February when the weather is a little cooler.

Jaipur has a hot, dry climate. Temperatures can reach well above 40 degrees Celsius in spring and summer making it incredibly difficult to explore the city. Winter tends to be warm and dry with the city's coldest month of January still experiencing an average high of 22 degrees Celsius. Monsoon season occurs between July and September, with August the rainiest month of the year. The hottest months of the year are May and June.

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Travioor top tips

Top Restaurant
Air Balloon

Insider Info

  • Go and see a Bollywood film at the Raj Mandir cinema. Audience participation is encouraged.
  • If you want to combine great views with even better food, check out Peacock Roof Top Restaurant.
  • For an alternate look at Jaipur take a hot air balloon ride. You'll get to see all the sights of the city without the hustle and bustle of the streets.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Without a doubt, street food is where you will get a true taste of India. Nand's GolGappa's on Fashion Street should be at the top of your list for unbeatable panipuri (fried pastry balls stuffed with spiced mashed potato). If you want to try the famous pyaaz ki kachori (fried pastry filled with onion) that Jaipur is known for, visit Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, a vendor not far from the main railway station.

Alternatively, go on a food adventure down Mirza Ismail road. Many of the best vendors and restaurants live along this street and if you need a break from Indian cuisine, there's plenty of western chains such as McDonald's. MI road is known to have a few amazing ice cream parlours so give them a try when you fancy something a little sweeter.

In the evening you should explore Jaipur's unique bars, many of which can be found in the city's hotels. Try Rambagh Palace if you're feeling fancy: go to the Verandah Cafe for pre-dinner cocktails, the Polo bar if you fancy yourself as a whiskey expert and if you want to try something completely different, head to Steam for a night of Mediterranean cuisine on the wheels of a steam train.

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Jaipur’s Story

Jaipur was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, a Kachhwaha Rajput whose family already owned a large portion of Rajasthan state. Jai Singh II ruled the Jaipur state between 1699 and 1744. Following his death, the area continued to be ruled by Rajputs but was often the target of attack by Marathas who wanted to take power of the city.

The first completely planned city in India, Jai Singh ensured that the city's architectural design was true to the Rajput tradition, building the entire city using a particular sandstone that is found at every turn. Jaipur was given a slight makeover when King Sawai Ram Singh painted all royal and official buildings pink, the colour of hospitality, in preparation for a visit from the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria in 1879.

When India was granted independence from the British Empire in 1947, Jaipur then joined with Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and others to form the state of Rajasathan, also becoming the state capital. Today it is not necessarily as popular as other Indian cities, but it still holds great historical significance having much to offer visiting tourists.


Namaste | Hello
Shukriyaa | Thank you

Speak The Lingo

Hindi is the most common language in Jaipur. However, Rajasthan state has five main dialects including Marwari, Dhundhari and Mewati. English is widely spoken in hotels and the main tourist areas. It would be helpful to learn a couple of common Hindi phrases to make shopping and travel a little easier if you happen to go into rural areas. Check out the ones below:

  • Good morning: Suprabhaat
  • How are you?: Aap kaise hain?
  • I'm fine thanks: Main theek hoon, dhanyavad
  • Excuse me (to ask for something): Kshama keejeeae...
  • Do you speak English?: Kya aap English bolte hain?

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Need to know

+91 Dialling code
102 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • Be respectful of the Hindu culture by making sure your shoulders are covered at all times and avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing.
  • Have change if you are visiting markets and bazaars. 
  • When using a rickshaw or taxi, agree the fare before you get in so you aren't over-charged. 
  • Only drink sealed, bottled water.
  • Be wary of pickpockets or locals posing as tourist guides. The city is full of opportunists who try to take advantage of rich tourists.


Find out about the visa requirements for India here.

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Travioor Recommends

1. Jal Mahal

Don't miss the magnificent sight that is Jal Mahal, the 'Water Palace'. During monsoon season the water levels make for the most impressive views.

2. Galtaji Temple

If you want to visit a temple that has more than just amazing architecture, go to the Galtaji Temple, home to monkeys who like to roam the site.

3. Elefun

Bond with elephants in the Elefun sanctuary. Spend your days cleaning, feeding and taking care of these beautiful creatures.

4. Amber Fort

Explore the ancient buildings of the famous fort of Rajasthan. You can even take an elephant ride up if you're feeling lazy.

5. Bazaars

Jaipur is famous for its shopping. Visit the Gem Palace if you love jewellery, Kishanpol if you're a textiles fan and Mizra Ismail Road for pottery.

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