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About Venice

Italy's ancient city of Venice is widely regarded as the world's most romantic destination with historical buildings and quaint bridges surrounding its iconic, meandering canals.

When George Clooney gets swoony in Venice, you know you're in for romance. The Hollywood star recently got hitched here and with a population of around 265,000 living across nearly 120 tiny islands, you'll have equally as many reasons to fall in love with this beautiful city.

The charm that surrounds this Italian gem is seen in the Venetian lagoon dotted with serenading gondoliers while on land you can walk the historic cobblestone streets and embrace the many cultural attractions. Over five million holidaymakers visited in 2015, from exploring tourists to romancing honeymooners. We've all heard about Venice, but as Mr Clooney himself will know, it's all about seeing it in person. Trust us, you'll be swooning on your return home.

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When Should You Visit?

February sees the famous Venice Carnevale come to the city. It might be rather chilly but the excitement that surrounds this event overrides the lack-lustre weather. For warmer days, September is your best bet, when the summer crowds have died down, many of the insects have disappeared and the Regata Storica fills the Italian waters.

During summer, temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius - it is also the most expensive period to visit. Late spring and early autumn can see some warm temperatures although evenings can be cool and a light jacket might be needed. Winters are very cold but can be romantic, particularly around Christmas with lights twinkling across the Grand Canal and festive markets in full swing. However, minor flooding of the streets and squares is common in November and December so pack some shoes that you don't mind getting wet if you're travelling during these months.

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Travioor top tips

Walk The City

Insider Info

  • There's no better way to explore Venice than to get completely and utterly lost. The city is made up of tiny islands and walking around the cobbled streets with no sense of direction will let you stumble across interesting attractions and sights that you never knew existed.

  • Try to avoid touristy restaurants. A tell-tale sign of a mediocre eatery is when the menu features a ridiculous number of languages and dozens of pictures. The best places to eat are usually smaller, away from the main tourist areas and filled with friendly locals.

  • Gondola rides, although romantic, are a rather expensive way to get around the city. For a cheaper alternative, get the Vaporetti (water bus) and look out for ticket offices around Venice where you can get discounted travelcards.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Dining out in Venice can be expensive, particularly around the main tourist areas, but hidden down the cobbled streets away from the hustle and bustle are plenty of culinary gems. Traditional Italian fare can be found in abundance but it's the smaller, local infused hotspots which provide a true taste of Venetian cuisine. Several dishes feature creative takes on favourites, such as Sarde in saor (fresh sardine fillets) and Risi e bisi (rice and pea risotto). Ultimately however, this city is all about the romance and unsurprisingly, the most beautiful fine dining restaurants are easy to come by.

For a (budget) alternative, head to one of the city's food markets such as the Mercato del Rialto. Loved by traders during the early mornings of Friday and Saturday, you can pick up some treats for a picnic or shop for local produce. In the evenings, city bars open their doors where a glass of prosecco and a traditional spritz (a national speciality) are surprisingly cheap.

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Venice’s Story

The history of Venice began in the 5th century after the fall of the Roman Empire, when men from mainland Italy fled to the Venetian lagoon to seek refuge from the Barbarians. Its separation from the mainland gave it protection from invaders and its people chose to concentrate on the rich markets of the Levantine and Constantinople. The subsequent trade links essentially formed the beginning of the hugely mercantile Venetian Republic.

Political affairs and conflicts in Europe were largely ignored in Venice, as it instead focused on growing in dominance in the Mediterranean region. Its success saw it become the world's longest existing Republic, as the Venetians went about the business of building a city while the rest of Europe was in chaos. During the Middle Ages, Venice was considered the most liberal and free state in the whole of Europe and - despite yielding to Napoleon’s forces in 1797 - its romantic charm and character can be still be seen today.


Ciao | Hello
Grazie | Thank you


In the Veneto region it is said that some five million people can understand the western romance language of Venetian or Veneto which is a native language to around two million people in the world. Officially though, Italian is the main language spoken by residents, however English is widely spoken and understood, especially at tourist attractions. Here are some simple Italian phrases to learn before you go:

  • Please: Per favore
  • Excuse me: Mi scusi
  • Do you speak English: Parla inglese

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Need to know

+39 Dialling Code
118 | 113 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • For the fire brigade call 115.
  • To see the city at its stripped back best, explore the streets in the early morning or late evening when tourist attractions are less busy.
  • The city of Venice sets official rates for gondolas so check these beforehand to avoid getting ripped off.
  • Get a Vaporetto (water bus) pass/card when you arrive in the city. This can save you tens of Euros across a week.
  • On a budget? Sitting down in cafes costs more than anywhere else in Italy, so you might find yourself standing most of the time.
  • Expect to pay a fair amount for a water taxi from the airport.



Find out about the visa requirements for Italy here.

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