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About Ibiza

Arguably the best party destination in the world, Ibiza provides the ultimate clubbing experience with super venues like Amnesia attracting the globe's biggest names.

When Ibiza was founded around 654BC by the Phoenicians, they dedicated it to Bes – the god of music and dance; a rather fitting tribute considering it’s now the party capital of Europe. With a population of around 133,000, Ibiza is the third largest Balearic Island and sees over five million tourists flock to its shores every year.

There’s not much we can add to what most already know about this pine-dressed party mecca. World class DJs, acts and artists such as Disclosure and Calvin Harris are constantly in attendance during party season, which has seen the invading hordes of counter-culture tourists from the 60s hippies to 90s ravers all bask in the Mediterranean sun by day and dance in the famous clubs by night. Yet beyond its famed wild nightlife scene, Ibiza is a picture of real beauty with golden beaches, sun-kissed hilltops and mesmerising sunsets. Here, heritage and architectural splendour can be seen among quaint villages and the historic Old Town. We reckon even Bes would have appreciated Ibiza's quieter side, especially after a long night out in Amnesia.

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When Should You Visit?

If you’re heading here to party, the busiest months are July and August although opening and closing parties are usually during late May and mid-September respectively. If you want to avoid the party season all together then opt for October when many days can see temperatures still reach over 20 degrees Celsius.

Ibiza enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long dry summers and mild winters. July sees the most hours of daily sunshine with ten and June through to September all experience temperatures pushing 30 degrees Celsius. Most rainfall occurs in April, with November to January also rather wet. However, temperatures during the winter months can still reach around 15 degrees Celsius.

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Travioor top tips

Where To Stay?

Insider Info

  • Tickets for the clubs can be expensive and sell out if there is a big name playing. Plan where you want to go and who you want to see beforehand. Always get tickets in advance and buying a number of tickets at once with friends can save you a few euros. However, try to avoid buying them from random people (trust your instincts).

  • People assume Ibiza is all about the non-stop party scene, and while it is the biggest draw, there is so much more to see on the island. Hire a car and explore everything it has to offer from the quieter beaches to the unspoilt beauty of the Ses Salines National Park.

  • During party season, people are unsure whether to stay in San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa. The former has the Sunset Strip with places such as Café Mambo as well as a 'strip' of bars which are cheaper than those on the other side of the island. Playa d'en Bossa is better for a daytime party scene with the liveliest beach on its doorstep bordered by a host of beach clubs. Note that the main Ibiza clubs are dotted all over the island so you’ll probably end up getting taxis at some point wherever you stay.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Given the stylish party vibe here, you can expect to find an array of top quality restaurants. From chic beachside lounges and VIP areas in hotspots like Café Mambo, to the world’s most expensive restaurant Sublimotion, you can dine out in style on the island of Ibiza. You’ll also find some beautiful local low-key spots serving some traditional Spanish fare. The majority of food on the island is characterised by fresh natural ingredients and many of the top dishes include seafood like bollit de peix (fish stew). For those with a sweet tooth, ensaïmada is a popular pastry eaten as a snack or for breakfast.

As for the drink, there’s plenty of it. Many of the finest Spanish wines can be found, as well as (rather expensive yet deliciously refreshing) champagne at luxurious pads such as Ocean Beach Club.

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Ibiza’s Story

Although it is believed the island was inhabited well before, it is documented that Ibiza was first founded by the Phoenicians in 654BC. Its strategic position in the Balearic Sea between mainland Spain and Africa meant the island was seen as a prized asset by invaders, who hoped to colonise it for trading purposes. The Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines and Moors all enjoyed spells in power, before the Catalans conquered it in 1235 bringing Christian colonists from Girona with them. During this period, the island was under constant attack from pirates causing Catalans to adapt defensive strategies and build fortifications in the Old Town which can be seen today. Some centuries later in 1715, the local government’s autonomy was eradicated by King Philip V of Spain.

By the 20th century, members of the avant-garde and surrealist movements moved in and brought with them an alternative lifestyle that was later to attract an influx of hippies and beatniks giving the island a reputation as a care-free creative Mediterranean hotspot. Today, it has gone on to become arguably the world’s biggest and best party destination with luxury hotels, world-class restaurants and super clubs pulling in the crowds.


Hola | Hello
Gràcies!/Mercès | Thank you


The official language in Ibiza is Catalan, even though the primary language for most of Spain is Castilian Spanish. Road signs are in Catalan but other things like maps may be in Spanish. Despite this, English is widely spoken throughout the island so people can get by easily knowing little or no Catalan. Having said that, it’s always good to learn the basics so we’ve listed some basic Catalan below:

  • Please: Per favor/Sisplau
  • Excuse me: Perdó
  • Do you speak English?: (Que) parla (formal)/parles (informal) anglès?

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Need to know

+34 Dialling Code
112 Emergency Services

Get The Low-Down

  • The main nightclubs are scattered all over the island so you’ll need to get taxis.
  • Drinks are extremely expensive in the clubs.
  • Tipping is not compulsory but most people tend to tip 10% in restaurants.


Find out about the visa requirements for Spain here.

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3. History And Sights

Explore the island’s heritage, culture and sights. Atlantis and Eivissa Dalt Vila in the Old Town prove to be popular.

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