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About Bournemouth

Once labelled 'God's waiting room', Bournemouth traditionally had a reputation for being a sleepy retirement area but it's now a buzzing, ever-growing town known for its seven miles of sandy coastline.

The assumption that grannies and grandads head for Bournemouth to relax in seafront retirement homes is not without merit. This relaxed town is in a beautiful part of Britain and has attracted plenty of Brits over the years looking to escape the hustle and bustle of working life. Yet the town's 190,000 population is also made up of thousands of students who keep things lively and pretty much guarantee a night to remember (as long as you've not overdone it).

Bournemouth is one of the best coastal getaways in Britain - a place where an ice cream cone and a sandy shoreline go hand-in-hand. On a hot sunny day, Bournemouth is all about its seven miles of sandy beaches and well-known Pier. Handily, its south coast location gives it reasonably warm weather and this is one of the main reasons why millions of tourists flock to this town each year. Throw in a few other inland attractions (like the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and the Oceanarium) plus its up-all-night clubbing scene and you have a great British retreat. Who knows, you might love it so much you'll stay until you're old, grey and retired too.

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When Should You Visit?

August is the best time to visit. Even though it's the town’s busiest period by far, the weather is usually good and the Bournemouth Air Festival is on.

British weather has something of a bad reputation but the summer months can be a magical time in Bournemouth with highs reaching well over 20 degrees Celsius. August is the hottest month of the year whereas February is the coldest. The colours of the autumn leaves are a beautiful sight in the parks during October and November but highs only reach around 15 and 12 degrees Celsius respectively. Late spring warms up quickly but as is the case in every season, rainfall is unpredictable (although Bournemouth's annual rainfall is considerably lower than the national average). The wettest months are during winter and a jacket is needed for most evenings throughout the year.

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Travioor top tips

Air Festival

Insider Info

  • The best way to get around is on foot as the centre isn’t particularly big. Alternatively, most people will get taxis which are reasonably priced for a short journey.

  • One of the UK’s biggest events happens here in August when thousands pack the beach and its surrounding area to enjoy Bournemouth Air Festival, the biggest of its kind in the world.

  • If you’re travelling to Bournemouth by car and have time, spend half a day heading out to the countryside or to one of the nearby towns or villages. There are some beautiful spots where you’ll discover some old-fashioned country pubs to enjoy some lunch or some quieter beaches and coves which don’t attract as many tourists.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Britain is proud of its multicultural cuisine and Bournemouth is no exception; you’ll find a variety of international restaurants serving up - among other things - Indian, Chinese and Mexican fare. Prefer some British grub? No visit to England is complete without trying a Sunday roast in a typical British pub. However, one of the best things about visiting the seaside are the fish and chip shops that line the beach or a traditional ice cream cone on a hot summer's day. For something a little fancier, West Beach is arguably the best seafood restaurant in Bournemouth (with a price tag to match).

If you're looking for a tipple, Bournemouth provides a variety of options from lively clubs to relaxed bars. Stag and hen nights are popular, so bar crawls are recommended for the party crowd (which will almost always result in the group ending up in super clubs like Halo or Cameo). We'll see you on the other side.

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Bournemouth’s Story

In 1800, the area around the mouth of the Bourne River was uninhabited, until a man named Tregonwell began building sea villas and planting pine trees along the coastal front. By the time Tregonwell died in 1832, a small community had developed and in later years, the resorts of Brighton and Weymouth were used as inspiration to improve the community further. By the late 19th century, the Winter Gardens, the cast iron Bournemouth Pier and railway links led to Bournemouth becoming a popular spot with holiday-makers. The population shot from around 20,000 to 60,000 in just 20 years and the early 20th century saw more attractions such as theatres, cafes and cinemas erected. From 1990 onwards, Bournemouth has been seeking city status, but this is yet to be granted. Today, Bournemouth is one of Britain’s most desirable seaside getaways and has come a long way over the last 200 years.


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English is the official language of the UK (and Bournemouth) and the southern dialect is said to be one of the easier ones to understand if you aren’t a native speaker. As is the case in most cities and towns in Britain, you’ll need to speak English to get by here.

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Need to know

+44 Dialling Code
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Get The Low-Down

  • Most people tend to tip around 10-15% in restaurants although this is not expected.
  • You can reach Bournemouth from London in 1 hour 45 minutes by train.
  • Bournemouth Airport is around 15 minutes from the town centre.


Find out about the visa requirements for the UK here.

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