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About Eugene

The home of 'Nike', Eugene is an outdoor city full of pretty parks, adrenaline-filled adventures and the world famous Hayward Track and Field.

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Eugene is an exciting city that reminds visitors that life is always better outdoors. As Oregon's second largest city, Eugene's residents are a complete mix of adrenaline junkies, fitness fanatics, eco-warriors, wine-connoisseurs and happy hippies.

If you want to get back in touch with nature Eugene is the place to do it. The city has outdoor activities with everything from water skiing and wake-boarding to mountain-biking and tree-climbing.

After spending all that time outdoors, Eugenians need to re-fuel. Downtown Eugene is full of exciting, innovative restaurants but Fifth Street market is the place to go if you want to try a little bit of everything that this city has to offer.

Downtown Eugene is also home to the Saturday Market and a wealth of independent shops that demonstrates Eugene's commitment to its budding entrepreneurs. There are a number of performance venues including the HiFi music hall and Oregon contemporary theatre as well as galleries for art-lovers such as the Karin Clarke Gallery which rotates monthly to showcase the very best work of regional artists.

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When should you visit?

Eugene has warm, dry summers making it the perfect time to visit if you want to enjoy the long-list of outdoor activities it has to offer.

Temperatures tend to settle in the high 20's in the summer months between June and August. It becomes a little cooler in Autumn, between September and October and by November cloud, rain and snow will arrive. In winter, temperatures can drop below 10 degrees Celsius so keep this in mind if you visit between November and February but still want to enjoy the outdoor scene.

The city will have occasional showers throughout Spring between March and May but the temperature will be on the rise.

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Travioor top tips

Mike the Bike
Rain showers

Insider Info

  • Look out for MIKE the bike around town. The Mobile Information Kiosk Explorer can give you travel guides, top tips and maps on Eugene and the surrounding areas.
  • Eugene has a reputation for raining a lot. Rain showers aren't too bad in the summer but take a light water-proof jacket just in case.
  • Oregon does not add sales tax to its product, so the price you see on the label is the price you pay. No nasty extras.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Eugene has an exciting food and drinks scene with markets, food trucks and bakeries providing a variety of amazing snacks and restaurants offering the very best in farm-to-table food. They have food and drinks tours that allow you to be 'interactive' with what goes on your plate. Go crush grapes in a winery or hunt mushrooms and watch as they are transformed into the world-famous truffles Oregon is known for.

Fifth street market is the place to go for all your shopping needs. Pick up some fresh produce at the market hall or drop in at one of the restaurants if you're feeling lazy. Try Baker Butcher Italian café for a light-bite or Marché for a menu that changes seasonally because of its promise to deliver 'farm-to-table' dishes.

Wine is a major part of life in Eugene with vineyards located along the Territorial Highway providing the city with varieties that have been grown just a stones-throw away. If beer is more your thing, visit the Whiteaker neighbourhood and Westside Warehouse District for your fill of distilleries and whisky bars. Hit the Ale trail to try them all.

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Eugene’s Story

Eugene is named after it's founder Eugene Franklin Skinner who, in 1846, created the first cabin in the area which was to be used as a trading post.

In its earlier days, Eugene's main industries were agriculture and transportation. The steamship trade that was set up between Eugene and Portland was the city's main way of receiving goods until the Oregon and California Railroad was built in 1871. Consequently the city became more industrialised, with lumbering and mining becoming big industries because of the wealth of untouched land in the surrounding areas.

In 1872 the University of Oregon was founded, bringing with it an increase in population and bigger opportunities for the city of Eugene.

The city has managed to maintain its outdoor-centred lifestyle with beautiful parks, clear lakes and well-kept lawns continuing to be defining features of the area. Eugene still distributes lumber and wood products nationwide but is also becoming a hub for both new and established businesses.


Speak The Lingo

English is the main language of Eugene; however it is home to the University of Oregon so expect to hear languages from all around the world.

Spanish is the second most common language followed by Russian. It is thought that members of the Soviet Union settled in Oregon because of it's similarity to home.

Need to know

+1 541 Dialling code
911 Emergency services

Get The Low-Down

  • Eugene Airport is only 15 minutes from downtown Eugene.
  • Use the Amtrack Cascades train service to travel between Eugene, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver if you plan on adding Eugene to a bigger road-trip.
  • Hiking is a big part of life in Eugene. If you wish to go hiking be prepared - take plenty of water, have a physical map of your route as well as one on your phone, wear suitable clothing and try to stick to the main trail when possible.


Find out about the visa requirements for the United States here.

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Travioor Recommends

1. Museum of Art

Visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art which displays artwork from around the world, with a big focus on Asian art. It is window-less to ensure the art is fully protected.

2. Victorian Mansion

Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House is a Victorian mansion which sits on the slopes of Skinner Butte. It's interiors have been preserved to give visitors a glimpse into the past.

3. Hayward Field

Run the Hayward field at the University of Oregon if you want to re-live the victorious moments of Olympic icons. Explore the University further while you're there.

4. Wineries

Travel through the Territorial Highway for the ultimate winery adventure. Tour vineyards, chat to winemakers and taste some of the best wine in the U.S.

5. Chase waterfalls

Eugene has an abundance of beautiful waterfalls. Research the area and create a waterfall hike to discover and appreciate the amazing outdoors of the city.

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