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About Lake Tahoe

With sparkling waters, snowy peaks and stunning views, Lake Tahoe is a little slice of paradise straddling the California/Nevada border.

Over 70 miles of shoreline span Lake Tahoe, and with plenty of outdoor attractions from hiking trails in summer to ski runs in winter, it's unsurprising that this destination attracts visitors all year round.

Each area surrounding the lake has something different to offer. Whilst the north shore is known for its casinos and multiple ski resorts, the south shore is known for its restaurants, nightlife and tourism. Both north and south offer watersports like boat rides and jet skiing. The west shore is a little less built up than the north or the south, and offers a bit of peace and quiet compared to its busy counterparts. The east shore is also fairly quiet, and has some of the best beaches in Tahoe.

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When should you visit?

Lake Tahoe's weather is great year-round, with a range of activities in both summer and winter to keep you entertained.

Winters in Lake Tahoe are cold, with average lows of -8 degrees Celsius, which makes the mountains perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The summer months offer average temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, with average highs of 32 degrees Celsuis in July. July is also the wettest month, but most activities will take place regardless of the weather.

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Travioor top tips


Insider Info

  • The mountains of Lake Tahoe are perfect for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.
  • There are many public beaches to visit around Lake Tahoe that offer opportunities for swimming, picnicking or just sunbathing.
  • Public transport around Lake Tahoe is very limited, so exploring by car is your best bet.

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Food and drink

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The Scene

Food and drink around Lake Tahoe is primarily cafés, bistros and grills although there are other options, particularly on the Californian side. On the Nevada side, Edgewood Restaurant offers both fine dining and a breakfast buffet, combined with stunning waterfront views.

Tahoe South has some of the best nightlife around, with plenty of clubs and bars to keep you entertained even after a hard day's hike.

The areas surrounding Lake Tahoe tend to be busiest in the summer, as this is when most of the attractions are open. To avoid long queues, book restaurants for the evening in advance or be prepared to wait a while.

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Lake Tahoe’s Story

The Lake Tahoe Basin was formed two to three million years ago through parallel fractures in the earth's crust causing the basin to sink and mountains surrounding the lake to rise.

The surrounding area of Lake Tahoe was previously inhabited by the Native American Washoe tribe. The lake was the heart of the territory, including the valleys of Walker, Carson and the Tuckee Rivers.

The first European-Americans came to Lake Tahoe in 1844.

Claims were made to make Lake Tahoe a national park in 1912, 1913 and 1918, but all failed. A number of factors bought permanent residents to the area, with the 1960 Winter Olympics playing an important part in this.



The main language spoken in Lake Tahoe is English.

Only around 20 people still speak the native language of the Washoe tribe and it is considered to be endangered. This number has risen slightly following a drive to get more young people speaking the language, some of whom have even gone on to teach it.

Need to know

+ 775 International dialling code
+ 911 Emergency number

Get The Low-Down

  • The nearest airport is Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO)
  • Lake Tahoe itself is 6,225 feet above sea level, and the surrounding mountains are even higher. To help prevent altitude sickness, make sure you stay hydrated and try and move to higher altitudes at a slow pace.
  • The nights in Lake Tahoe are often quite chilly, so make sure you're prepared for a shift in the weather even in the summertime. 

Find out about the visa requirements for the United States here.

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Travioor Recommends

1. Mt. Rose

Mt. Rose Ski Resort offers great skiing and snowboarding, and has the highest base in Lake Tahoe. It's slightly less crowded than some of the other north shore resorts too.

2. Heavenly

Also offering great snowsports, is the Heavenly Mountain Resort. This one's on the south shore, and offers great slopes for beginners but also tougher ones for experts.

3. Secret Cove

The secret cove offers one of the most beautiful beaches on the lake coupled with a great cove for swimming. It's quite private and has become popular with local naturists.

4. Fannette Island

As the only island in Lake Tahoe, Fannette is home to the ruin of an old tea house, and can be accessed by either kayak or paddle board. One of Tahoe's quirkier activities.

5. Underwater Park

If you're feeling adventurous, grab your scuba gear and explore the Underwater Park. Many boats lie beneath the surface of Emerald Bay, which you can touch and explore.

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