Danube Island Festival

TBC Jun 2018
Donauinsel, Vienna, Austria

Taking place each year on Donauinsel island, the Danube Island Festival is the biggest open air event featuring some of the best acts around.

  • When? TBC June 2018
  • Where? Donauinsel, Vienna
  • Price: Free

Supposedly Europe’s biggest open air festival, the Danube Island Festival has featured artists such as Bloodhound Gang, Shaggy and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Taking place each year on Donauinsel island, the festival keeps getting bigger, so big that greater health and safety rules had to be introduced to control the flow of alcohol inside the festival perimeter. Such killjoys those Health and Safety officials.

The Island is one big recreational area with bars, restaurants and night clubs. There are some 21 areas (also known as "islands") featuring acts playing a broad range of musical genres. These are spread out over a 6.5 kilometre area of the total of 21 kilometre island.

Also worth pointing out that in the southern and northern most parts of the island are nudist beaches. That's if you fancy baring all...

  • Get there: Take the metro to Donaustadtbrücke or Donaumarina.
  • Stay: Find somewhere to stay in Erdberg or Leopoldstadt to be nearby.

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