Brussels Light Festival

TBC Feb 2018

Light up your autumn with a visit to Brussels Light Festival where you can enjoy a spectacle like no other.

  • When? TBC February 2017
  • Where? Brussels Canal District
  • Price: free

In God's words, “Let there be light”. And the people of Brussels duly oblige with their annual Brussels Light Festival, igniting the city with artistic performances and spectacular light shows for a long weekend in autumn.

Running since 2013, Brussels Light Festival attracts thousands from Belgium and overseas to enjoy this unique event in the city centre. Buildings, walls and displays are littered with colourful lights and some outstanding performances can be viewed from afar. Organisers present a series of installations offering an incredibly artistic spectacle which is enjoyed by all ages.

A magical atmosphere can be discovered in the Belgian capital at this time of year, with this event usually spanning across four days in October. The majority of the attractions tend to be located along Canal Sainctelette between Sainctelette Square and Armateurs Square with a tasty winter barbeque on hand for those who arrive hungry. Let there be food.

  • Get there: There's trams, buses and taxis available throughout the city if you can't walk to the event.
  • Stay: Check out accommodation in the Northern Quarter to be close to the entrance.

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