The Brussels Chocolate Fair

TBC Feb 2017

As far as we're concerned, chocolate is one of your five a day and at the Brussels Chocolate Fair, there's no shortage of Vitamin C (the C stands for chocolate of course).

What is the meaning of life you ask? All evidence to date suggests it's chocolate. Anyone who wants to argue with us can meet us at the annual Brussels Chocolate Fair (Salon du Chocolat) in February, where you'll find an incredible array of mouth-watering chocolate sensations.

Belgium is regarded by many as the chocolate hub of the world and when this three day, tastebud tingling event comes to the country's capital, there's only one thing on people's minds (no points for guessing what). This unique trade fair sees some of the best chocolatiers in Europe showcase new and exciting products as they present dozens of demonstrations, chocolate recipes and tastings in front of a wide-eyed audience. Other touches in previous years include sculptures, a pastry display and a chocolate fashion show, so you can expect a few surprises too.

The year 2014 saw around 30,000 visitors pass through the door and since then, the annual event has grown in popularity and reputation. In fact it's now being labelled as the world's biggest event dedicated to chocolate - that's quite a statement.

As you can imagine, the quality here is extremely high so we advise arriving hungry and leaving full, eating as much of the sweet stuff as you can along the way. Trust us, you won't find the meaning of life (or this kind of chocolate) in your local Tesco.

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