Independence Day

9 Nov 2017
Independence Monument

In 1953, Cambodia declared independence from France, marking the permanent breakup of Indochina. Every year the nation celebrates its independence from foreign occupation.

  • When? 9th November 2017
  • Where? Independence Monument, Phnom Penh
  • Price: Free

Viva la Fr... Cambodia.

The official celebrations begin at the 20 metre high Independence Monument on the Norodom and Sihanouk Boulevards. King Sihanouk is the man credited with securing Cambodia's independence in the early 1950s and the current king is normally in attendance to light the torch in the centre of the monument. Nearby parks are ideal for watching the crowds and formalities unfold. The celebration brings together children, office workers, monks and opposing political parties who exchange balloons and flowers to celebrate their liberation from colonial powers.

The impressive stuff starts later in the day when the gala parade makes its way towards the Royal Palace. Decorated floats, traditional dancers and marching bands lead the way through the city. After the official celebrations and when the sun has gone down, the palace is lit up and fireworks erupt over the riverfront. The 10,000 strong crowds disperse and make for the waterside bars south of the palace and party long into the night. 

Celebrate the Khmer independence if you are in Phnom Penh on this special day - eat, drink and party like a King. 

  • Get there: You can walk between Independence Monument and the Royal Palace. Use the bus to travel around the rest of the city.
  • Stay: Book accommodation nearby in Khan Doun Penh.

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