Sihanoukville Human Rights Day

10 Dec 2017

In many ways, Cambodia is still licking the wounds inflicted by the Khmer Rouge. Human Rights Day is marked to remember the past and to hope for the future.

  • When? 10th December 2017
  • Where? Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
  • Price: Free

Many will recall a bus en route from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville in 1994 that was accosted by the exiled Khmer Rouge. 13 Cambodians were murdered and three Westerners were abducted. 

Locals prepare speeches, tuk-tuk rallies, protest marches, and singing and dancing along main roads to mark International Human Rights Day. Communities are avid that future generations will not experience the injustices that they felt. Those that wish to delve a little deeper into Cambodia's dark past will have opportunity to do so here.

Government plans to develop Sihanoukville into a major tourist site has led to land disputes, as pressure is placed on some residents to relocate. It seems Sihanoukville faces a fresh wave of human rights issues. Don't let that put you off though - there's so much to take in here. The spirit and resilience of the locals is remarkable and joining a Human Rights celebration is the best way to experience this. 

  • Get there: Fly to Sihanoukville International Airport and take a taxi to the city centre.
  • Stay: Accommodation tends to be centred around Krong Preah Sihanouk, but will fill up quickly.

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