All Ladies Craft Beer Festival

TBC Aug 2017
Various locations, Toronto

Toronto's women sure know a good beer thanks to the monthly All Ladies Craft Beer Festival.

  • When? TBC August 2017
  • Where? Various locations, Toronto
  • Price: $25

If you think beer is for men and cocktails are for women, Toronto will set you right. What's the matter guys, you think a gal can't drink?

Founders Erica, Jen, Jaime, Ren and Magenta held the first 'bevy' (the name the group have given to their events) in 2014 and since then they've been cropping up all over the city 12 times a year. There's been more than 25 since the first one and they tend to fall on the last Friday of every month. The location is kept secret and only revealed two days prior, although it's always somewhere in Toronto. Sometimes the bevies are small and intimate with only 50 guests but more recently things have cranked up a notch with crowds of over 800 showing up.

Let's talk beer. What makes this boozy get together distinctive (apart from a total absence of testosterone) is that each bevy features different ales and stouts. Back in January 2014 (when the group started) at the Jam Factory down by the Don River, ladies were serving glasses of Toronto's own Sweetgrass blonde ale and Great Lakes' Harry Porter. As times have progressed they've extended their reach to breweries like Oast House from Niagara on the Lake, Nickel Brook from Burlington and Beau's Brewery from Vankleek near Montréal.

You notice that all the beers are Canadian so it's a good opportunity to sample a range from Canada's craft brewing scene. Every month a bevy brew is tapped, a beer brewed exclusively for the bevies. You'll never taste this bad girl anywhere else in the world. Men, you will never taste it full stop.

There is always a variety of food vendors to keep the drinkers in good form and you can purchase feminist beer swag too, such as glasses and clothing. Check out the website for tickets or join the mailing list to receive updates.

Tickets cost approximately $30 dollars and sell out fast, they include a five ounce commemorative glass, four drinks tokens and a morning after gift bag. We assume this is some sort of hangover cure, a little hair of the dog never hurt anyone after all. Even better, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation. We advise you bring cash even though there are normally ATM's on site (they often charge) and you must be 19 or older to attend.

To all you feminists out there: everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.

  • Get there: Use streetcars to get around if you aren't close enough to walk to the venue when it's revealed.
  • Stay: Opt for a hotel in downtown Toronto so you can either walk or use public transport to reach the venue.

For tickets see here.

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