Fringe Festival

5 - 16 Jul 2017

The Fringe has a knack for pulling off unlikely matches, like the Romeo and Juliet Chainsaw Massacre. Classic.

  • When? 5th July - 16th July 2017
  • Where? Various locations throughout Toronto
  • Price: up to $12 a show

Even though it's technically a theatrical festival, The Fringe is used as an excuse by a whole manner of performers to flaunt their weird and wonderful skill sets. Improvisation groups, ensembles and comedy dance routines follow the crowds. The site-specific shows from alleyways and car boots are held in high esteem.

This west end theatrical occasion was founded in 1989, with over 150 shows selected at random by a lottery and shown in over 30 venues. Ticket prices don't exceed $12.

Ticket fares go directly to performers and incentives like The Fringe's 'Creation Lab', highlighting Toronto's commitment to maintaining a top of the range performing arts scene. Cheap to rent studios allow serious but unfunded performers to prepare for the summer festivities. Past performances have featured a dance show performed on a rock climbing wall, shadow puppetry and a comedy dance tribe.

The weird and wonderful fit right in at Toronto's Fringe Festival, making it the perfect quirky destination to visit this July. There'll be plenty on offer to shock and wow you; did we mention the massacre of the Capulet and Montague families by chainsaw?

  • Get there: Fly into Toronto Pearson International Airport then use the express train to reach downtown.
  • Stay: Book a hotel in downtown Toronto so you can walk or catch a streetcar to the various events.

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