Maraton Ladja

12 Aug 2017
Neretva Valley, Croatia

600 rowers, gorgeous river views and the biggest boating spectacle in Croatia - get ready to cheer your heart out at Dubrovnik's Maraton Ladja.

  • When? 12th August 2017
  • Where? Metković to Ploče, Croatia
  • Price: Ticket prices TBC

Nestled to the north of Dubrovnik, the Neretva river is the kind of place you'd expect to see fairies and elves alongside the turquoise cascading water and tranquil riverbanks. That's unless you visit in August of course, when the magic of the 14 mile (exhausting-but-fun) Maraton Ladja comes to town with 600 rowers, thousands of flashing oars and crowds of spectators screaming for their local team. 

Luckily, the rowers don't seem phased by the challenge - each boat can hold up to 18 oarsmen or women, who battle it out for the winning title between the towns of Metković to Ploče. Each boat represents a different region or village, so naturally (although light-hearted), the competition is fierce. Attended by all manner of dignitaries including the Croatian prime minister, the event uses traditional ladja (old fashioned boats) which have been specially designed for the narrow river.

If your itinerary's limited then the best place to get a feel for the action is around the start (we also love the pretty town of Metković for other reasons, including its traditional architecture and ancient buildings). Around a one and a half hour's drive from Dubrovnik, the start of the race is also easily accessible if you're planning a day trip. And if all that cheering has worn you out then you can easily head back into the city for a tipple and sunset views over the Adriatic. As fun as all that hard work sounds, we think we prefer dry land and cold beers...

  • Get there: From Dubrovnik, drive to Metković in around an hour and a half.
  • Stay: Stay in Metković if you want to explore the town, otherwise book accommodation in Dubrovnik and travel.

Visit the Maraton Ladja official website for more information.

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