Samobor Fasnik Carnival

TBC Feb 2018

Only 25km west of Zagreb, the lovely town of Samobor hosts its annual Fasnik celebrations with a costume parade, carnival and a program of events and entertainment.

  • When? TBC 2018
  • Where? Samobor, Croatia
  • Price: Free

You'll need to rewind the clock and emulate those GCSE art skills if you're planning on attending Samobor's huge annual Fasnik celebrations. During February, the town of Samobor hosts a huge costume party and carnival with all that attend embracing their creative side and enjoying the festive atmosphere. 

Just outside Zagreb, the town of Samobor is a popular day-trip destination for tourists who come to explore the Croatian capital. Every year for nearly 200 years it's also been home to a fun and vibrant carnival party in and around the main town square. Here you'll find a great concert program showcasing national acts and bands, various costume parades and a series of events that include anything from Harry Potter Quidditch competitions to explosive firework displays. 

This is very much a family-friendly event with entertainment for all ages. Adults can often be found acting like children and show their support by attending in costume or a full face of paint. As such, the locals really take to those who embrace the celebrations, even if it does mean looking silly for a few hours. 

And what's more is that all the bars in the town stay open all night at the weekend so you can continue the party until the early hours. We'll see if you've still got your artistic touch after a few Ožujsko (that's Croatia's most popular beer for those who don't know, but we're sure you'll know that by the end of your stay).

  • Get there: The drive from Zagreb will take around 40 minutes.
  • Stay: Find accommodation in Zagreb to explore the rest of the city, or book somewhere Samobor whilst you experience the festival and relocate later.

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