St. Martin's Wine Day

11 Nov 2017
Zagreb, Croatia

Celebrate the wine-makers' hard work during the harvest with Zagreb's annual wine day in November.

  • When? 11th November 2017
  • Where? Zagreb, Croatia
  • Price: Free

A festival devoted to wine? Okay, we don't think we need convincing on this one. St Martin's Wine Day in Zagreb is an annual celebration that heralds the beginning of wine season. With plenty of wine based activities, events and - you guessed it - drinking, visitors from across the region flock to the city to drink the good stuff. 

A popular tradition, the celebration historically marks the day that the young wine has been fermented, the vineyards give thanks for a good harvest and locals celebrate the end of a busy season. Plenty of cafes and restaurants in the city centre have special events throughout the evening and there are also smaller parties in surrounding towns and villages. 

The region is one of the most popular wine-making areas in Croatia so it's well worth having a tipple (or three) on this historic evening. As the night wears on expect live music and cultural shows to accompany the festivities - just remember the painkillers for the wine-hangover in the morning. 

  • Get there: Fly into Zagreb then use public transport to travel around the city.
  • Stay: You'll want to stay in the city centre to take advantage of all the events.

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