Cyprus International Food Festival

23 - 24 Sep 2017
Makedonitissa, Cyprus

Taste dishes from Cyprus and beyond at the two-day Cyprus International Food Festival, which welcomes chefs from around the world.

  • When? 23rd - 24th September 2017
  • Where? Molos Promenade, Limassol
  • Price: Free

It was Hippocrates who once said, 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' Now, we're not one to disagree with ancient philosophical greats, so give your taste buds a treat at the Cyprus International Food Festival (CIFF).

With the first edition of the festival taking place in 2016 CIFF hasn't exactly been around for long, but it's certainly made an impact. The festival was previously held in Nicosia, but will be held in Limassol for 2017. Over 20 chefs will be representing cuisines from across the world, with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European dishes at the forefront of the culinary scene.

Cocktail demonstrations, art exhibitions and competitions for the public run alongside the foodie events, so there will be plenty to sink your teeth into. What's more, local and international wineries and breweries will be on hand to offer tastings so you'll have something to wash down all that food with.

With free entry, Cyprus International Food Festival is a budget friendly and delicious way to experience Cypriot culture and traditions. Plan your trip early so you don't miss out - it's doctor's orders.

  • Get there: The drive from Nicosia to Limassol will take around an hour.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in Limassol for the night so you can easily attend both days of the festival.

Find more information on the Cyprus International Food Festival official website.

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