Witches' Night

TBC Apr 2018
Petřín hill, Prague, Czech Republic

Witches' Night is a ceremony where people celebrate the end of winter by gathering to burn an effigy of the ‘Winter Witch’.

  • When? TBC April 2018
  • Where? Petřín Hill, Prague
  • Price: Free

Witches' Night is Halloween and Bonfire night all rolled into one day. Known as Pálení carodejnic, or the 'burning of the witches', it's a ceremony where people celebrate the end of winter by gathering to burn an effigy of the ‘Winter Witch’. This figure is believed to be responsible for terrible weather and causes the plants and crops to wither and die.

All over the city you'll find people celebrating Witches' Night in their own way. Traditionally the biggest fire takes place on Petřín hill. There's also an event on Kampa Island, a city-centre oasis in the Vltava River, with a parade of magical creatures, live music, barbecues cooking enough sausage to feed the whole of Prague, fire jugglers and drinking enough home-brew to last the whole night.

What's more, there's also a huge fire that takes place in Ladronka Park followed by a spectacular fireworks display at around 9.45 p.m. Wherever you go in Prague on Witches' Night, you're sure to find something fun to see and do.

  • Get there: Petřín is in Prague 6 on the east of the Vltava River. Use public transport to get there, or take a taxi from the city.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in Prague 6 to be nearby, or try Prague 3 where you can travel to Petřín Hill easily.

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