Lyon Festival of Lights

8 - 10 Dec 2016
Lyon, France

Experience some of the best and most creative light shows and performances at Lyon Festival of Lights over three eye-catching days.

If you're still suffering from summer holiday blues come December, you should probably lighten up. And what better place to do that than at Lyon Festival of Lights where you can enjoy a long weekend in France's third largest city while taking in some stunning artistic spectacles.

Over three colourful days, one of Lyon's biggest festivals lights up the city with a number of spectacular displays by worldwide designers using buildings, rivers and parks around the city. Video, music and sound combine with the bright images to create light shows and performances, and each day brings a new theme and colour scheme keeping spectators entertained across the whole weekend.

Beginning in the mid 19th century, Festival of Lights is essentially a celebration of the Virgin Mary. On September 8th 1852, a ceremony was abandoned which was supposed to see a statue of Mary installed in the Chapel on the Fourvière Hill. The event was postponed until the 8th of December but a storm caused organisers to cancel the ceremony for a second time. As the storm settled and night fell, residents lit their houses with Bengal lights and candles before heading into the streets, and this tradition has today evolved into a unique urban event. Thousands of people fill the city squares each year creating a fantastic festival atmosphere, and you can also get a taste for Lyon's famous food scene with an array of stalls and ‘bouchons’ lining the streets.

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