Nuit Blanche

7 Oct 2017
Paris, France

A free carnival of art and culture that lasts from dusk till dawn in Paris.

  • When? 7th October 2017
  • Where? Throughout Paris
  • Price: free

Nuit Blanche is an all-night arts festival that takes place each year where museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions remain open throughout the whole of Paris, with entry free of charge. It was inspired by St Petersburg's 'White Nights', where music and the arts keep the population entertained throughout the long summer evenings when the sun never sets.

From dusk till dawn, you'll get to experience all the cultural treasures the city has to offer. Nuit Blanche has become an incredibly popular way to get people to engage with their urban surroundings through art. You could, for example, find clouds of paper butterflies settling on neoclassical columns to church naves sprouting enormous bejewelled skulls, There are also a variety of performances that take place: music, film, dance and performance art.

If you’re a culture vulture, this is a night that’s not to be missed!

  • Get there: Hop on the metro if it's too far to walk between venues.
  • Stay: Check out accommodation in The Latin Quarter.

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