St. Martin's Day and Carnival

11 Nov 2017

Düsseldorf enjoys a moment of reflection on St. Martin's Day before letting it all loose for Carnival.

  • When? 11th November 2017
  • Where? Düsseldorf
  • Price: varies between events and activities.

November 11th marks St. Martin's Day, the day before Düsseldorf's famous carnival that is draped in German tradition.

St. Martin (known also as Martin de Tours) was born in 316 in Hungary and locals celebrate the man's passion for 'helping the needy', cementing his position as a figure of kindness and heroics. Every year a ceremony at Düsseldorf Town Hall sees actors reenacting moments of St. Martin's life, and crowds gather with coloured lanterns to help create a romantic and calming atmosphere.

Following the ceremony, children and their parents walk the streets collecting candy and treats from houses, singing as they go. The day after this traditional event marks the start of the annual Düsseldorf Carnival.

During carnival day, large crowds form at Königsallee and in the old quarter to celebrate their country's history. Tourists looking for a unique insight into this historic area will be delighted to be a part of the party.

  • Get there: Cycling is a popular and scenic way to see the city, otherwise use local trams and buses to get around.
  • Stay: Check out accommodation in the Old Town to enjoy the charm of the city and be close to the festival.

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