The Varkarola Festival

12 Aug 2017

The Varkarola festival is an event of music, dancing, food and fireworks that celebrates the miraculous Saint Spyridon, who locals believed saved the island from Turkish invasion in the 18th century.

  • When? Closest Saturday to August 11th. 12th August in 2017.
  • Where? Paleokastritsa Bay
  • Price: free

The story goes that during the Corfu siege of 1716, Saint Spyridon produced a great storm which caused significant casualties and ultimately led to the Ottoman besiegers withdrawing their forces.

So what better way to honour this momentous historical moment than with a festival? The Varkarola festival celebrates Saint Spyridon’s victory with a recreation of the famous nautical battle.

A series of boats parade along Paleokastritsa bay, while bands play traditional music and dancers showcase customary Greek dance. At the end of the festival, a boat is set on fire and is complemented by a giant fireworks display, commemorating the burning of the Turkish naval fleet during the 18th century siege.

Crowds of people from across the globe gather to watch this spectacular and dramatic parade, which is gloriously unique. Once the re-enactment is complete, revellers continue to celebrate well into the night, with roaring beach parties continuing into the early hours and lots of merriment all round.

And if the festival itself doesn’t float your boat, then we’re sure that Corfu will. With its Mediterranean climate, picturesque coastline and beautiful architecture, it’s visually stunning, with an intriguing history and plenty of culture to boot.

Don’t delay, plan your trip to Corfu today and get involved in a festival you won’t forget.

  • Get there: Fly into Corfu and hire a car to explore the island at your own pace.
  • Stay: You can find great hotels and apartments right by Paleokastritsa Bay.

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