Ifestia Festival, Santorini

TBC Sep 2017
Pyrgos, Elis, Greece

Santorini's Ifestia Festival celebrates the power of the island's volcano with a series of events aiming to re-enact the famous Minoan Eruption of 1600 BC.

  • When? TBC Sep 2017
  • Where? Santorini, Greece.
  • Price: Free

Get your trip started with a bang at Santorini's Ifestia Festival.

A grand fireworks display lights up the sky above Santorini's coast as crowds gather by the sea and on the cliffs to witness the show. All of the events are centered around the volcano and guests can take a boat trip around the geological wonder for a unique view of the action.

Large crowds gather from surrounding towns to watch the fireworks, which are designed to simulate the mesmerizing flow of lava. Dance performances are also put on to entertain visitors during the day, which serves as the perfect time to get a good view of the volcano.

The Ifestia Festival offers up an unforgettable evening of local history, food, drink and entertainment.

  • Get there: You can fly to Santorini from many European destinations.
  • Stay: We suggest staying in Fira as there is often an 'afterparty' of sorts with food and dancing after the fireworks. 

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