Bau Nyale Festival, Lombok

TBC Feb 2018
Seger Beach, Lombok

Sea worms may not be the most glamorous of things, but this annual festival in Lombok is a fascinating insight into local legend and customs.

  • When? TBC 2018
  • Where? Seger Beach, Lombok
  • Price: Free

The early bird catches the sea worm. Okay, that's not the actual phrase but it would certainly be appropriate at Lombok's annual Bau Nyale Festival. Held in February, the name literally translates as 'to catch the sea worms' - and that's exactly what happens. 

Crowds gather on beautiful Seger Beach at this two-day event, which sees local Sasak people gather in the shallows to catch sea worms (which range from green to red) in traditional nets. The worms are collected and used to help fertilize the harvest; in case you felt peckish, there are also plenty of snacks on sale, including pepes nyale ground (you guessed it) worm, coconut and spice patties. Legend has it that the returning worms are symbolic of the body of the ancient Princess Mandalika, from Lombok's 'Yellow Flower'' kingdom, returning to her beloved homeland every year. 

Accommodation books up extremely quickly during the festival - many islanders travel down from the mountains to view the spectacle. In this case it really does pay to be the 'early bird'. Sounds far better than being the worm anyway. 

  • Get here: The easiest way of reaching Seger Beach is by motorcycle. Fly to Lombok with Etihad Airways.
  • Stay: There aren't many places to stay near the beach, so be prepared to travel. Sengkol or Praya are close to the airport and only a short drive from Seger Beach.

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