Danau Toba Festival

6 - 9 Sep 2017
Lake Toba, Sumatra

Is singing, dancing, racing and eating your kind of thing? Join the locals at Lake Toba, Sumatra for the annual lakeside festival that is guaranteed to give you a glimpse into the culture of the native Batak people.

  • When? 6 - 9 September 2017
  • Where? Lake Toba, Sumatra
  • Price: Free

Like the sound of partying by Southeast Asia's largest lake? Beware, it's also one of the world's deepest so you'd better hope you can swim if you take a tumble. 

Lake (Danau) Toba, located in North Sumatra, was formed by a giant volcanic explosion over 75,000 years ago and has been the homeland of the indigenous Batak people for centuries. 

The Lake Toba Festival has become one of Sumatra's biggest events, attracting locals and tourists from around the world who gather to watch live entertainment and boat races, sample some of the local delicacies and buy a selection of native arts and crafts.

The spirit and enthusiasm of locals is what makes this event stand out. You'll be amazed by the effort they put in, dressing in the brightest, most detailed costumes to represent their religion and culture, relentlessly rowing to win one of the many boat races and perfecting their moves for the entertaining dance performances. 

There's also a 5K cross country run, Toba beauty pageant and an amazing float parade. Basically, there is so much going on that you'd be a fool to miss out. 

Dance and drink the day away... just don't fall in after you've had a few too many - it's a long way down.

  • Get there: Lake Toba is in North Sumatra and the closest airport is Kualanamu International Airport, around four hours away near Medan.
  • Stay: Book accommodation nearby, Pematangsiantar is a city near the lake, but there are plenty of surrounding towns too like Parapat and Saribudolok.

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