Feast of San Lorenzo

10 Aug 2017
San Lorenzo Square, Florence, Italy

Coinciding with the Perseids Meteor Shower, the Feast of San Lorenzo could mark a magical moment on your holiday to Florence with free food and festivities beneath a sky of shooting stars.

  • When? 10th August 2017
  • Where? San Lorenzo Square, Florence
  • Price: Free

Nothing says romance like free Italian food under a sky of shooting stars. What more do you need when in Italy? Every August, the Feast of San Lorenzo is celebrated by handing out baked lasagne and watermelon in San Lorenzo Square to all those who attend.

In memory and honour of the city's co-patron saint, St Lawrence, the people of Florence head for San Lorenzo church where a celebratory mass is held at around 6pm. Shortly after, tourists and residents gather in the square at 7pm to kick off the outdoor festivities when the market stalls have packed away for the evening. Live music, dancing and some fascinating street performances can be seen, creating a buzzing atmosphere typical of a Tuscan summer. Yet the best part about the celebration is the free lasagne and watermelon slices, usually served at around 9pm - trust us, it's worth the wait.

This unique event has the potential to be a memorable one for romancing couples as the day is also known as 'Night of the Shooting Stars' with the Perseids Meteor Shower overlapping with the festivities. After you've tucked into your grub, find a nice spot to kick back in and gaze up at 'San Lorenzo's tears'. Locals believe that making a wish on one of the shooting stars will make all your dreams come true.      

Don't wish for any more free lasagne though, that's just greedy.

  • Get there: Use the bus to get around - the nearest stop to the piazza is San Lorenzo.
  • Stay: Book accommodation north of the river and close to the centre if you want to be nearby.

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