Festa Della Rificolona

7 Sep 2017
Florence, Italy

Get ready for some seriously excitable fun; Festa Della Rificolona is an annual city festival that features lanterns, bonfires and hordes of local children.

  • When? 7th September 2017
  • Where? Florence
  • Price: Free

We're all big kids at heart right? Back when life mainly involved playing cops and robbers, getting excited about sweets and coming up with ingenious ideas to avoid bedtime, everything seemed a bit simpler. If you're in Florence this September and fancy reliving your youth then you're in luck, the Festa Della Rificolona once again returns and sees the city streets come alive with parades, hordes of excited children, bonfires and music. 

The event is steeped in history and dates back to ancient times when local farmers and peasants would travel to the city the evening before September 8th - the Feast Day of the Virgin Mary. Traditionally local city children would heckle the visitors and generally cause havoc. Today, the event is much more kind-hearted, although Florentine children are still somewhat impish. Parades and music fill the streets, bonfires are lit and the children run around causing mischief (partly helped by vast quantity of sugared treats on offer). 

As lanterns and lights are lit throughout the city, the children are (eventually) taken home; then it's the adults turn to party. Bars spill out onto the streets, musicians perform on corners and celebrations last well into the early hours. If you happen to be in Florence then get your inner big kid ready, after all, at least now you can stay up past your bedtime.

  • Get there: Get around florence by train, tram or bus.
  • Stay: Book accommodation on the outskirts of the city for cheaper nightly rates.

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