Florence Carnival

TBC Feb 2018

We've come to expect the great food, devastatingly romantic attractions and historic monuments in this beautiful city but there's a pretty fun carnival you'll love too.

  • When? TBC Feb 2018
  • Where? Florence, Italy
  • Price: Free

If you're heading to Florence in February and are looking for a good time, Valentine's Day isn't the only day where you can guarantee some fun. During this month, the Florence Carnival comes to town celebrating a selection of diverse world cultures. 

The grand parade is the main attraction during the event where a series of small floats and the carnival's signature puppet dragon pass through the city. Brightly coloured costumes and characters, musicians, riders on horseback and dancers are all expected in what is an extravagant display.

The majority of the foreign communities who live in Florence are represented during the carnival with the participation from countries such as Brazil, China, Mexico, Sweden, USA and more. Of course many traditionally Italian influences are also incorporated into proceedings, but this is a carnival with a primary objective to celebrate the city's ethnic diversity.

The grand parade usually begins in Piazza Ognissanti progressing throughout the city until it comes to an end in Piazza della Signoria where a performance of some kind and an awards ceremony (handing prizes to those with the best original costumes) will conclude the carnival.

This is a great time to be in Florence as the locals are high on the festival vibes and a fun atmosphere sweeps the beautiful streets. If you happen to enjoy the carnival slightly more than your Valentine's treat that month, best not to mention it to the other half. For more information, check out Visit Florence.

  • Get there: Fly to Florence then use the train to get to the city centre.
  • Stay: Book a hotel in the city centre so you don't miss a second of the action.

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