Marzocco Trophy Flag Throwing Contest

TBC May 2018
Piazza delle Signoria, Florence

Get ready to watch one of Italy's quirkiest and brightest events at this annual Florentine competition.

  • When? TBC May 2018
  • Where? Piazza delle Signoria, Florence
  • Price: Free

It might not be up there with athletics at the Olympics or a World Cup final, but Florence's annual Marzocco trophy flag throwing contest is still a pretty fun competition to watch. Drawing in teams from across Italy, the contest is watched by hundreds of locals who - be warned - take it very seriously. 

Held in Piazza della Signoria, teams (known as sbandieratori) all compete to win the coveted Marzocco Trophy. Beginning with a colourful procession, the flag-throwers fill the streets before taking up their positions for the challenge. Expect a bright spectacle; the traditional costumes they wear date back to the 17th century and they perform choreographed parades for spectators - music and banners add to the festival atmosphere. 

So while it might not have the same hype as the men's 100 metres in Rio, Florence's flag-throwing contest still makes for a wonderful, colourful and unique afternoon out. Cameras at the ready.

  • Get there: Florence Airport is around half an hour from the Piazza della Signoria by car or train.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in the nearby Santa Croce area.

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