Festa di San Cosma e Damiano

25 Sep 2017
Genoa, Italy

Get ready to celebrate with the locals at Genoa's annual saints' day in September - expect processions, feasting and more.

  • When? 25th Setepmber 2017
  • Where? Genoa
  • Price: free

While you might not know that much about Italian saints (it's okay, we'll forgive you) if you head to Genoa in September you're likely to learn a lot more. Festa di San Cosma e Damiano is an annual event and religious celebration which sees the city come alive with Eucharistic celebrations and traditional processions. 

Drawing in locals from around the region and beyond, the feast day tends to start (after the church service) on Via Barabino Sampierdarena where the colouful parade begins its journey through the city streets. Crowds adorned with traditional attire and groups pulling religious icons bedecked in flowers, makes this sight truly something to behold.

As the procession winds down, many locals take to the streets for traditional dancing and merriment. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars and outdoor eateries which offer a wealth of feasting opportunities. Just practice your small talk on Italian hagiography (try saying that after a few shots of Limoncello) before you join in - after all, you should be an expert after a day of celebrating.

  • Get there: Fly into Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport and take the shuttle bus to the city centre.
  • Stay: Find a hotel by the harbour.

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