Focaccia di Recco Festival

28 May 2017

A flat Italian oven-baked bread layered with cheese, the focaccia di recco has its very own festival and you'll find it in Genoa, Italy.

If you happen to be in Genoa during the Focaccia di Recco Festival and you've planned on holding off on the carbs as you approach your big summer break... good luck. This one is completely dedicated to focaccia (a flat Italian oven-baked bread) so you'll have to ditch the no carbs before Marbs rule because this is too good to miss. 

Since the early 1960s, the Focaccia di Recco Festival has been attracting a number of locals, foodies and tourists to the outskirts of Genoa who flock to enjoy this Italian staple. Italy is synonymous with good food and Genoa's love for focaccia di recco is arguably as big as its love for pasta. This isn't any ordinary focaccia either; it's smothered in a layer of creamy melted cheese and comes with a European Protected Geographical Status. 

For one day every May, bakers and restaurateurs give out varieties of the bread (which has a similar texture to a pizza base) seasoned with different herbs and spices. It's said that around 25,000 pieces of it are handed out for free every year. 

Look at it this way. If you're on a budget and pinch all the free samples you can stomach, you won't need to buy dinner. You might go home a little bloated but at least that's a couple more cocktails you can afford in Marbs.

  • Get there:  Fly into Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport and take the shuttle bus to the city centre.
  • Stay: Find a hotel by the harbour to soak up the city's charm.

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