The Half Marathon of Genoa

15 Apr 2018

Known as La Mezza to the locals, Genoa's half marathon is one race you'll want to run if you love combining exercise with scenic routes.

  • When? 15th April 2018
  • Where? The Old Port of Genoa is the start and end point for the race.
  • Price: €35 approx.

If there's one thing we can't resist when in Italy, it's the food. Pizza, pasta, lasagna - the list goes on but so does your guilty conscience. Combine your Italian foodie cravings with Genoa's half marathon however and you won't feel quite so bad about eating to your heart's content.

The Half Marathon of Genoa has emerged as one of the most attractive routes at international level. Known as 'La Mezza', the race begins in the Old Port of Genoa and continues around the historic city centre, down pretty alleyways and through charming piazzas, passing iconic attractions like the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Runners then head for the seaside and continue towards Boccadasse before looping back around to cross an elevated freeway known as the Sopraelevata (open to runners for this day only). From here, runners are given a huge boost by the stunning views that surround them. 

During the event, onlookers line the course to support those competing and a joyous ambiance sweeps the city. If you choose to run you'll need to register well in advance, otherwise you can just watch and soak up the atmosphere with a a few slices of pizza on the sidelines. Don't worry about the diet just yet (you are on holiday after all).

  • Get there: Take a taxi from the airport, you'll arrive in 20 minutes.
  • Stay: Book accommodation in the old town to be near to the finish line.

Visit the official website for more information and to register for the race.

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