La Befana (Epiphany)

TBC Jan 2018
Naples, Italy

Keep the Christmas spirit alive at Naples' festive celebration of gift giving and feasting - La Befana is January's best kept secret.

  • When? TBC January 2018
  • Where? Naples, Italy
  • Price: Free

Feeling the post-Christmas blues? Slumped despondently next to half eaten mince pies, far too many empties and a whole lot of dry turkey? Keep the Christmas spirit alive in Naples at Epiphany in January home to feasting, presents and a festive atmosphere; who said January had to be dull?

Centred around Piazza del Plebiscito (Market Square), much of the festivities involve gift giving - the tradition is that an old witch on a broomstick leaves charcoal in the shoes of children who have been naughty and brings sweets and presents for well-behaved ones. As well as presents, the main square also hosts plenty of stalls selling traditional food, drink and witch dolls - the celebration is hugely popular with families so expect it to be busy. Naples also puts on plenty of free concerts during La Belfana, held in different venues each year.

Part Christmas market, part Halloween - La Befana is the perfect way to recover from the shock of January. Neapolitans know how to celebrate, so jump on the post-festive bandwagon and keep the party spirit alive. January might be our new favourite month.

  • Get there: Fly to Naples and then take a taxi to the city centre.
  • Stay: Find accommodation in the city centre - stay around Quartieri Spagnoli to be nearby.

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